Rules, concerns, or why energies, coaching, would not work for you

Sophie Benshitta Maven
10 min readSep 27, 2021

If you have hopes to become happy, Today’s Monday Morning Memo is right up your alley… it teaches what you CAN do, HOW you can look and see reality, and be happy, excited, joyful… instead of how and what you are now.

Without gene adjustment. Probability that it will work… without energetic adjustment: 3%. The effectiveness of words to your behavior and worldview.

Yesterday’s Inner Authority class was very instructive to me: I found out that many people consider that what they get from me, energies, adjustments, etc. are non-important, non-essential, maybe even non-real… as in ‘they are my way to extort money’.

The more you can consider my energy interventions real, real-real… the more willing you’ll be to do what co-creative actions you need to take.

Energies, for the most part, can only change physical reality if and when some action is added, concurrently.

Example: …

…I can listen to the HOE audio, the 47 energies bundled in the Heaven on Earth, and allow it to wash through my body, entering at the Tangerine Spot, in the back of the head, like a shower, at the crack of the butt move across to the front of the body, and zig-zag its way all the way to the forehead.

Or listen to the audio expecting it to do the work by itself… calm me down, or maybe put me to sleep.

I have tried this with and without the energy, and without the energy, all my relaxing technique end up not working… while with the energy I fall asleep at the third wave of the energy bundle.

Here is another example: a client with pain in their ovary… potentially deadly. They use the simple Light energy I teach in the Healing Course, and in a few applications the ovary heals. Another client goes through the motions… but nothing happens.

A decade or so ago I watched as my Russian Friend, Larisa was doing the Healing Codes. I felt where her mind was… she was doing affirmations in her…



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