Spiritual Arrogance

Sophie Benshitta Maven
5 min readMar 13, 2019


Haven’t been able to grow? Raise your vibration? Live from your higher self?

Humans have a dual nature, a dual nature that is the enemy of growth, enemy of learning, enemy to the survival of the species…

Arrogance and pride…

Arrogance is duality itself.

  • It says, on one hand: I already know. I know. I am beyond that.
  • On the other hand: OMG, I am so stupid. I make so many mistakes. I better slow down, and not be so sure.

We call the arrogant side “it” in this article. And it talks. And it knows. And it pontificates…

What “it” says it knows? It knows everything. It knows if it is worth it to listen, if it is worth for you to do. It knows if you can. It knows the future, the past, what it all means, what it doesn’t mean, what it’s all about, what is important and what isn’t.

It knows all the background stuff… the stuff that is largely invisible.

And “it” also says “You are so stupid!!!” about? Everything else… never actually examining the fabric of the background… the context, the water you swim in.

So no wonder humanity is approaching the cliff…

Everybody and their sister feels that they have access to divinity, to magic, to superhuman, to healing, to all-knowledge.

That is the arrogance.

And everybody and their brother feels that way in the face of living a life of sham, of mistakes, no results, and bad feelings.

Everybody has moments of brilliance. And everybody knows, on some level, that building a life on that is a lie, a pretense… but they can’t resist.

Because feeling superior is a must… An imperative… This imperative is coming from, of course, the selfish gene.

Every comparison comes from the selfish gene.

I know people who connected at one time, for seconds at a time, maybe even raised their vibration a substantial amount for a short time, but the moment it gave them a right to feel superior, they lost it all.

I know people who offer energy healing. Because they can’t connect to Source, to the Light, to the Force, they connect to nothing, or to the Dark Side… and spread negative energy.

I know teachers, gurus, leaders who live a sham of a life, just like you, because they base their “vocation” on moments of brilliance, and lies.

I have people who leave me testimonials saying, with certainty, what made a difference. But they don’t know… do they?

I, myself, was saying things that I was sure about, but they were not the whole truth…

Specifically about the water.

For years I said: energize your water for an hour…

I had no idea why energized water would make a difference in how you feel. No clue.

Until a few months ago I realized that it is coherence that we are talking about… that unless the water is fully coherent, the cells won’t let the water enter… They rather die.

Energizing your water with the Energizer audio

And big upset and upheaval came. For the water to not only change its taste, its texture, but to be fully coherent, you need to energize it longer… Bummer. And certain weather conditions make it, occasionally, impossible.

But as soon as I started to energize my water longer myself, miracles started to happen.

I have become someone who deals with 90 degree weather as if it were nothing. No air conditioning, no fan, an occasional dip of the head into cold water… and life is wonderful… It used to be torture.

I don’t sweat. Can’t sweat. But now I don’t have to… My cells are almost fully hydrated.

Another, also a summer issue: my legs used to be so swollen, I would not be able to recognize myself, and the skin used to become brittle… ready to break.

This summer: none of it. No swelling at all.

Swollen feet and ankles

And this is a hot summer, maybe the hottest in a long time.

The testimonial writer, similar physical issues, wrote that the same thing happened to her “because of the Big Bundle… my secret weapon.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was the energized water… not only, or not necessarily the Big Bundle, even though the Big Bundle is great at draining stuck arteries and such.

Moments of brilliance are sufficient for you to think yourself a genius, but not sufficient to actually be high vibration enough to do the things high vibration people can do.

But the biggest price you pay for this arrogance duality is that you actually never grow.

Because the simple act of committing to growth flies in the face of your already always arrogance… And makes you wrong. And that: wrong, you don’t want to be…

Because being wrong is a no-no for the ego… so you won’t ever want to go there.

You see, when I declared myself stupid, I did something spiritually extraordinary: I gave up accepting and even tolerating the ego’s dominance over myself and my life.

I learned to not be so sure… I learned to look twice to make sure I see what I think I see… I learned that public self-correction is good for the soul… Public authenticity: telling the truth about my inauthenticity is going to keep me straight.

So with that bold and unprecedented act I put myself in the position to grow and become an expanding human being.

Will you follow me there?

You will need to break ego’s dominion… or you won’t.

I hate to break it to you…



Sophie Benshitta Maven

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