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Everybody has two selves. You, me, sages, everyone.

So when you say “I choose myself” which self do you choose?

There is an Amazon bestseller with the title “Choose yourself”.

I have read it.

For me choosing myself is incredibly empowering, especially because it is not “normal” for me, so when I say “choose yourself” I suddenly shift my priorities, and I become important to me. Still new, still amazing.

Being on my side… loving to myself… in every aspect, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.


On the Monday money workshop, I introduced a new wrinkle, a new method of how to change, how to create an attitude that is supportive of you, your life, your ambitions.

I worded it this way: “I choose myself… and I choose myself to be X”

The X stands for the new attitude.

A student of mine wrote to me today, reporting that she chose herself in eating… and made better choices. But when it came to work, she can’t seem to see a way to choose herself, after all she is working for someone else.

Here is what she wrote:

Yesterday felt great after Monday’s webinar. I reminded myself all day that “I choose myself” and noticed that I made better choices for me like in what I ate and didn’t feel deprived or petulant about it, but I’m confused when I say, “I choose myself at work.” I don’t know what it means in that context, nor how to choose for myself in that area. Because I work for someone else, I feel like I need to give them my all. What am I missing?

I’m not feeling so good today though. Right now I feel heavy hearted, discouraged and pessimistic. I’m sure it’s the voices, but I still need to turn up the volume to really hear them. I noticed lately that the voices have been very quiet but still strongly affect how I feel. There have been times when the voices have screamed at me and beat me down, which is what I’m use to. Now though, they seem to be in silent mode, but I still feel crappy most of the time. What can I do even when I can’t hear them?

It’s obvious that something disappeared between Monday and Tuesday (if it was ever even there). I don’t know if she can see her attitude, and I don’t think she caught that the question in the webinar was designed to help picking a more constructive attitude than what she already had: feeling and acting deprived and petulant.

let’s address the idea “I choose myself at work”

You can choose yourself by feeling good about yourself. By bringing integrity to your work. Integrity means, in this context: doing the work in a way that empowers you.

For example, because I am an advanced practitioner of this art, I can just say: It is all in a day’s work… and the sun comes out. The practice I shared with you on Monday, that I left all the attachments, all the anchors to my world outside of work… at home, I practically created an environment where I could give my best to the work and feel good about myself.

It is not the voices and the memes, but YOU who is saying things about work.

You and you have different standards: the entitled you wants to do only things that feel good or titillating or pleasant. The real you can enjoy anything. So they are always at odds.

So when you say: I choose myself, you choose the real you, the one that can say “at work I work” and be happy about it.

It seems that no one needs any instruction to put themselves as the center of the Universe, and feel entitled. Consider their time, activity only good, if no one else benefits from it.

It seems that no one needs any instruction to consider feeling robbed, shortchanged, deprived if they only get the payment for their work, and not more.

Here is another example

I had a call with another student yesterday, where we found out that he was resentful that the house he bought half price because there were problems with it, now has problems, as predicted.

And because I muscle tested his choice before he bought the house, he is now punishing me. He forgot that he exchanged money for work on the house… so he blamed the house and me.

Humanity, human nature, is evil, pretending to be good, generous, high minded.

People visit my site by the thousands to find proof that they are the good ones, the deserving ones, the special ones, and everyone else is a toad… or in a higher language: that they are the butterflies and everyone else is a caterpillar. For those of you that aren’t getting it: a caterpillar is a worm. ugh.

The question: which self are you going to choose when you choose yourself is going to determine the quality of your experience.

The book, Choose Yourself, never says: choose to be your best… or choose the best version of you… or choose the good person in you… it assumes that everyone figures it out.

But depending on your soul correction, your tendency to want to be the only one who benefits from anything, can be stronger or weaker.

My soul correction, Forget Thyself, is relative generous, compared to other soul corrections.

The majority of the people who come to me, 80% of them, are from the difficult soul corrections where they are a whole less generous, and desire for the self alone dominates their thoughts, their emotions, and their behaviors.See footnote 1

And, it seems, that left to their own devices, they will look from the same place as before… the place of entitlement where only they are the ones gaining benefit.

One of my teachers, Dr. Robert Hartman said best: to fight for good you need to know evil intimately, in all its disguises.

When you crave only good, when you want to experience only pleasant feelings, when you have a “be positive” attitude blocking out the negative, you are on the side of evil.

Ugh… you say. You cannot mean that.

But I do. The desire to only feel good comes from the desire for the self alone. Life is for living, not for feeling good.

One of my students wrote about a practice she invented, where before going to bed she sits quietly and thinks of the good things that happened that day.

She said that she goes to bed with a smile on her face… but what about next day?

The more you buy into this mindset where there are good things and there are bad things, and good things make you smile, and bad things make you frown, resist, cry… the worse your life will become.

I know, I know… tons of so-called spiritual teachers teach this… under the guise of making you grateful so that good things will start coming to you. I call B.s. on that.

This, for example, is the reason that the best and most favorite teachers’ teaching have a maximum 10% truth value.

This is also the reason their vibration is so low, and they have to pretend, desperately, that they are happy. They aren’t. And when they have impostor syndrome, it is for a reason. They teach something that doesn’t work for them either.

People who are in the basement level and the street level of life constantly worry about the moment, every moment.See footnote 2

I have been observing the few people who I have found to be above 200 vibration. The higher they are the less they are concerned with good or bad.

For example, the most blissful state for me is to have no emotion. When I am there, I am open. I have an easy smile. I can burst out laughing, I am creative, I love life.

In fact, I spend 80% or more of my time there on any given week.

The 20% is when I am hijacked by good… When I don’t consider life a gift. When I want life and people to conform to my “stringent” rules… lol.

It is funny when I am not trapped in the good/bad paradigm. Life is a lot less funny when I am in that place… The tree of good and evil… ugly place.

My relationship to work, chores, people is this: “it’s all in a day’s work” and that makes me love my life, love myself, and be blissful. If you had to live my life, you’d have NO bliss… there is hardly anything good by your standards, by my standards, by any human’s standards.

And yet, i am blissful 80% of the time.

Can I teach you to be like me? No, I can’t. Can I teach you the moves? Yes.

I am actually planning a whole big course on it… and I have high hopes that I can teach you the moves.

Stay tuned… I will write articles about it.

I’ll teach you the moves that you can learn from a high vibration person so your life starts to feel more like a good life… that your life can start working… again?

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  1. The degree to which you think of yourself plus the size of your desire will be consistent with this: if they are together high, you belong to these difficult soul corrections.
  2. Under 170: it is the basement level.
  3. Between 170 and 200: it is the street level.
  4. Above 200 is an upper floor level.

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