The energies, energy remedies are like a cane… the cane helps you go where you are going.

  • If you are going to a good place… wonderful.
  • If you are going to a bad place… the cane helped you to get there.

If, in spite of all the energetic support you have received from me, you are still in a bad place, you should look at where you are going.

You cannot blame the cane. You cannot blame it for not taking you where you’d like to be.


Number one rule of the world is free will. If you want to go to hell… be my guest.

I tell you, I show you, through countless of articles, how to alter where you are going… but you don’t listen.

I am watching people. They get fixated on what they want, and they are going down, fast.


You think that if you make yourself wrong then you can become free of what runs you, free to choose a different way of being.

Keep on dreaming. The opposite is true.

Taking responsibility has no room for making yourself wrong, blaming, pointing fingers, neither to yourself, nor to circumstances.


Like with everything, any resistance keeps you hostage. Blame, guilt are resistance.

  • You can use your “cane” to find your way… like a blind person. (that is what we call experimenting!)
  • You can use your cane to support you when you are weak.
  • You can use your cane to fight your demons… and go nowhere.

Here are a few examples:

  • This person emailed me for The Sight capacity, a cane, to help him go from broke, lost, and directionless to something better.I gave him a few questions to answer, so he can access his power. Instead he got hooked in guilt and self-blame.Until he can see that it’s devastating, but he doesn’t have to BE devastated, he will remain stuck, and I won’t turn on any capacities… His vibration spiraled down to 70.
  • This person made a different mistake: he tried to follow the light.A month or so ago I turned on the capacity “faith” for him. He found himself on cloud nine… courage, self-expression became available. Then, like a good systemic person, decided to connect to Source, and make it even better. He promptly lost it, and has spiraled down to a vibration of 130.

To the degree I do, to the same degree I walk on air. At this point I bring the divine to 70% of all I do.

How? I don’t know.

My hunch is that when I am working from the intrinsic level, the vertical plane, that is when I can do anything… even things I don’t normally enjoy to do, like scrubbing the sink, or muscle testing 561 items so I can be certain someone knows what they can eat. Even though it kills my fingers…


Bringing the divine to everything expresses itself in having no resistance, neither in thoughts nor in attitudes.

My muscles may get sore because 561 times I try to pry my fingers open… but they don’t stay sore… because I didn’t resist. Didn’t blame

By the way, if we have had a health session and I didn’t give you a list of what you can eat, you can get it now. Will I give it to you for free? I don’t think so. Why? Because I value my time and my abilities.

If you want it, you can get it for a half-hour of my time (that is how long it takes.)

Or find out what is your health number…

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