the four core enforced by books

But the idea of the broadcast didn’t become the foundation of my teaching until earlier this year… and the magic began.

Humans really want only one thing: looking good and making it. And, of course, underneath is, making it a must, are the core four: having to, needing to, wanting to, and should.

I personally make sure that I don’t have to anything. I don’t have to do, see, feel, fix, hear… anything.

You can only do things consistent with what you see… and, listen up! those Landmark people learned their distinctions, they did not invent it, or did not really make them theirs.

Truth repeated is a lie. It’s like being a parent to a child borne by someone else. The child is both yours and not yours.

You can go on a hunt to find what you are unwilling to give up. What you are unwilling to negotiate. What you are unwilling to make malleable. What you are right about.

The squirrel looks at the world and the snow and life as A is A.

To continue to live in quiet desperation. Powerless. Unaware that you are the cause. Ultimately.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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