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The four questions…

Humility is the opposite of my soul correction: Forget Thyself.

Every single human, whether they admit it or not, feel above average, and smarter than most everyone… and Forget Thyself is the worst.

It is a daily practice of mine to make myself a learning machine… learn from everyone, including my students.

Humility… it’s actually very hard… you need to give credit where credit is due, and every time, it’s human nature, you experience the marker feelings that come along with comparison: someone is better than me… therefore I must be no good.

And to maintain self-confidence at the same time… really requires the mastery the Playground program promises.

So as an exercise in humility I borrowed an exercise one of my students invented for himself: asking questions to see if there are problems for his clients he can solve… beyond what he is already solving. He is a CPA… an accountant for small businesses in Sweden.

If you are on my mailing list you have gotten the questions. A lot of people have responded. I was surprised. There was something about how the questions are worded that resonated with people.

In coaching the first step is to get to clarity where someone is… but getting there is tricky, because depending on how the question is asked, people don’t want to look, or people want to look good and lie.

I still haven’t cracked the mystery why people responded better to my student’s question that when I ask them seemingly the same questions…

But the diversity of the answers surprised me. Even students whom I thought I knew well, managed to surprise me.

Want to surprise me and help me at the same time?

Here are the questions I have been asking people, and i would appreciate if you took the time to answer for me sophie at

1- In the past year, what has been your most recurring problem?
2- How have you tried to solve the problem?
3- What can happen if you don’t solve the problem?
4- If you could use a magic wand how would you solve the problem?

When I look at my life, I notice that I can come up with top of mind answers, but when I muscle test them, Source says: no.

So I am forced to play Source’s favorite game: narrowing down the field, so I don’t do the shotgun method.

Health? no Money? no Relationships? no Aging? Dark Side? no Where I live? no Impact? bingo.

Your most recurring problem is, probably, not the first problem you thought of… definitely not the first ten problems I thought of.

I read an article the other day that in the near future you’ll be able to upload all your knowledge to the cloud, or wherever, and it will be available for future generations. So even if the current generation cannot hear you, cannot appreciate you, you’ll be getting your “due” regard from future generations.

But… a crucial but.

Is, what I have to say, really important? Am I doing justice to it by making it available today to the people who can use it, benefit from it? Run with it?

Or am I playing small… and ultimately die without impact.

Most people, parents, leave their impact on humanity in the form of their children… and I am hearing that the next generation is not very keen to delight their parent… to put it mildly.

  • I have a few young people in my courses, and I can feel that their parents feel disappointed.
  • And I have parents, who are afraid.

This, fear that the offspring won’t do well in life, is a timeless concept… My parents were afraid that I would not do well. My mother was sure… my father had some faith… lol.

Believe it or not, the future depends on you…

According to scientists and researchers, when you become present to your mortality, what gnaws at you most is the issues of self-actualization… whether you have been expressing your creativity, questing for spiritual enlightenment, pursuing knowledge, giving to and/or positively transforming society, while fulfilling your need to be good, to be fully alive and to find meaning in life.

And even if you are stuck in survival, stuck in the day to day struggle to provide for yourself and your family… what causes the most sense of missing out on life, are the self-actualization issues that you don’t seem to give time and energy now.

I share your pain… I was in the daily struggle for decades until I reshuffled my priorities and stood Maslow hierarchy of needs pyramid on its head… and pretty much lower the priority of the normally the more urgent needs, physiological, safety, belonging needs, even the self-esteem needs and cultivating nearly exclusively the self-actualization needs, and attending to “lower” needs only when they block or hinder self-actualization.

Totally ass-backward, as far as society is concerned. Stopping to live for society’s standards took getting off the hamster wheel… takes courage and a level of insolence… demonstrating and practicing a lack of respect for other people’s rules of living that keep them in the chicken coop (or crab bucket) and want you back in there, with them… because misery loves company.

I have observed that a segment of the population dresses really nicely, drive new cars, but takes lunch at the senior almost free lunch center… feeling deep contempt for me… who am not living like them. They don’t have eyes or ears or esteem for knowledge, for thinking, for anything other than what is visible…

It is rare that you have any time and any energy for what is most important to you… when you take the deathbed perspective: what you’ll regret on your deathbed or approaching it.

Will you say: I wore nice clothes, I drove nice cars, or will you say: I regret not having made an impact?

PS: Society wants you to be stuck on the lowest three levels of Maslow’s pyramid… and they are especially emphasize relationships… the exact relationships that prevented you from live a life of full self-expression, live a life of fully being you.

Billions of webpages spew that low vibration truism at you, keeping you bonded to what others want you to be. Ugh… ugly.

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