If you admire the butterfly, then you have low vibration… A butterfly person will not be enamored with a butterfly…

The “I don’t like” “I don’t want” list, seems to be a very reliable measure of the size of your world and thus your vibration. (You may call it your frequency, or your vibrational frequency… but what the words indicate isn’t real… your vibration is better defined in this article.)

When you have low vibration (under 200), the size of your world is tiny, mostly about you, your person, how you feel, etc.

Add the three-tier-value-systemSee footnote 1 to the mix, and you are now clearly seeing someone’s vibration, without having to be able to muscle test or connect to Source.

A low vibration person’s whole value system will be right/wrong with hardly any foray (attempt to penetrate)See footnote 2 even into the next level of value: extrinsic value. They will want money without knowing what makes money…

I am talking about you, or 97% of the people who come to my site.

Can I teach you to see what you can’t see?

Not really. But I can ask you to do things you don’t normally do, to look at things you don’t normally look at, take on roles you normally don’t take on, I can ask you to do things differently, and your world can become bigger. Reading differently and a lot is one of these actions… and then, gradually, you can start seeing things… always on the level of your vibration.

I think this is the basis of the caterpillar/butterfly issue.

The butterfly can see a lot more, from a higher vantage point. The difference is the wings, the difference is flying. A butterfly that doesn’t fly won’t see anything different. A butterfly that didn’t earn its wings will never fly.

What you actually see in reality also needs to be teased out.See footnote 3

The “I don’t like it” list is probably more reliable a measuring stick than what you say you like or you would like.

I am starting to see why the Value Profile test may work to measure how you’ll perform in the world.

In the value profile the assignment is to put 20 items and then another 20 items in the order of importance to you.

What is important to you shows how much of reality you can see, accurately, and from what level you see it.

Your actions are always consistent with what you see. And your life and yourself is a sum total of all the things you habitually do, that come from what you see.

Of course you cannot see what level your eyes are at… All

measures are comparison.

The weight, the size of something is measured by comparing it to something else we’ve decided to use as a yardstick…

The same is in every dimension. Clarity, vibration, intelligence, attention, focus, value, honesty, authenticity, humility… all dimensions that can be measured by comparison.

How you measure up to the yardstick or intangibles is measured as vibration.

The average vibration of people on the planet is 120. That is 7% of the level where human being begins.

You are trained, molded, and taught to see only a very tiny fragment of reality.

You are ineffective in most areas of your life, and you resist being trained. You want to hear that you are OK, that you are high vibration, that you are already a “butterfly”, but you are buttressing, supporting, reinforcing your delusional self, call it ego…

Your real self knows you are full of crap…

You could be trained, but training is not comfortable. Training will make you “smell the coffee” and wake up to get a whiff of how low your current level of awareness, knowledge, integrity is… but you don’t like that.

I wrote that article about using what you don’t like, what you don’t want, yesterday, and honestly I had no idea what to expect.

I, just like you, look at the world, you, from my own level. What I found out from the people who emailed me their list felt like a kick in the groin.

Your “I don’t like” list precisely sets the height of your eyes for me. And suddenly it makes sense why the world is going the way it is going. You, the everyman, don’t even look, don’t even see what other people are doing, and you don’t care about any of it anyway. You care about your tiny little concerns…

It’s all about you, and looking at the world from there, from that vantage point, you live the life of a caterpillar, pretending to be a butterfly.

My “Grand Experiment” of turning, at least a few people to the path of human being suddenly looks more difficult than it has ever looked.

Only people who are able to grasp the concepts of the three levels of value, and can see all three of them start to qualify to be trained.

All people have intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is not personal, it is not “in” you, it is a DNA thing, it is part of the blueprint humans carry in their DNA. There is nothing you can do about it.

Having value and seeing value are not connected.

You can create value while you see yourself as worthless, or you can think you are worth a lot, and create no or little value. Either way, chances are you won’t see it accurately.

Distorted self view, distorted world view… distorted in every odd way.

The Value Profile shows clearly the kind of distortion and the measure of distortion.

I also grew up with distortions… Not exactly “average” distortions. I could see extrinsic value. I could not see much Systemic Value, and could see Intrinsic Value in others…

Whatever value you cannot see is a distortion. You can have a distorted view about yourself, and about others, humanity, etc.

To the degree you see value accurately to the degree you are effective in the world, to the degree you like yourself, to the degree you can “self-realize”.

On the very last session of the Money Attitude Workshop I suggested to some participants to become a value recognizer.

A value recognizer sees value where there is value. (Clue: everywhere!)

Your starting point measurements don’t directly relate to values, but reliably show the size of your world, the level of interest you have, the level of pretense that prevents you from growing, the level of your health.

Quite comprehensive.

The Value Profile questionnaire is here…

It’s quite a lot of work to analyze the results without a computer program which I don’t have.

But I can do it. Ask me for a payment link.

In the meantime, your Starting Point Measurements are a good guidance… and also taking on the practice of becoming a Value Recognizer…

Remember the three levels of value. You are probably stuck on the level of Systemic Values, good/bad, smart/stupid, positive/negative.

The next level is a worldly value: something you can assess as useful, something you can put a monetary value, something that would be valuable to buy or exchange something else for in a barter economy.

And then there are the intrinsic values, mostly imprecisely and inaccurately translated to lower levels by the culture we live in. Each of those intrinsic values are a potential way of being: being extraordinary, being generous, being peaceful. Beingness.

Being a value recognizer is an intrinsic value.

You can ask for your Starting Point Measurements. Please know that I need to be able to connect to you. I am a True Empath, but still I need to be able to find you among almost eight billion people. So I need a photo of you, and your date of birth for your soul correction.

I connect to you, I connect to Source, and I muscle test your measures by asking Source for the answers. The measures are not based on my personal judgment, even if I know you. I am completely taken out of the equation.

OK, here is the link to pay for your Starting Point Measurement

PS: if you want to make a study of values on my site, here is a link to all the articles that discuss this very thing:


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