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The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia Eudamonia: the fulfilled life. The satisfying life. It’s a how… It’s about how much life you have in your years. Fulfilling the potential that you are. It’s impossible to have “the Good Life” without Integration… but… ((By the way, please don’t forget that you want to be like Abraham Lincoln who could and did learn from everyone. From most people he learned how not to do things, how not to think. Because Tai Lopez’s vibration is 170, and his personal take on things that are of high truth value, the books he read, is off and sometimes very off, you want to be able to hear the principle, and not his interpretation. In the step about integration, he is more off the mark than nearly any other step. Way off. So take everything he says with a grain of salt, and consider that I picked his program because I want to wean you from slavish learning, and want to train you in being able to think for yourself.)) One of the hardest steps for students to complete in the 67 step coaching is the step about creating an integrated life.

Why? Because on the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, there is no such a thing as integration.

On the Tree of Knowledge you are a thing among things trying to carve out a life for yourself, ego battling with other egos for “Lebensraum”, Hitler’s world for occupying other people and their land so the German’s can live better and expand. (Lebensraum: the territory that a state or nation believes is needed for its natural development, especially associated with Nazi Germany.) On the Tree of Life integration is a sensible way to live. Where your one life smoothly goes from “room to room” in the palace of your life, and it is the same palace.

On the Tree of Life the only question is: what should be the basis of integration. The one-ness, the motif of life, that goes and repeats in every are of life.

The best people, the best companies, integrate around principles.

Integration is the key for a seamless life. Integration is the key to a unified Self. Integration is the key to a life that works like a well-rehearsed symphony orchestra.

We have all been part of the disorganized orchestra full of egos. Actually that is what life looks like for most of us.

Even sex, even dancing, where it’s only two people, rarely has that magic in it. At least I have never experienced it in sex or in dance. Because integration doesn’t mean that one surrenders their ego to the other’s ego… which is how sex or dance goes in general.

Integration means: no ego, but agreed upon principles runs the show.

But, of course, all the raising your vibration magic is about relinquishing your fixed “I”…

There needs to be a mental leap… The human brain is able to do it, if the human mind allows it…

This organizing principle can be the magic bullet that helps you grow your mental age to adult… and with the mental age come capacities that will allow you to live a life of grace and ease.

The significance of the field you live your life

The only way to overcome this debilitating condition is to jump. And jump again. By challenging yourself, and putting yourself into positions where you can sink and drown… or make peace with never becoming a person… I am OK with either. But once you make your decision that you won’t leave the comfortable nest, the mother-child field, stop grieving or dreaming about personhood… Stick with your “no”. Read the rest at

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