Yesterday I had a huge awakening.

A long held assessment of mine that I was a lousy business coach fall apart.

I have tried my hand on business coaching many times in the past 40 years, and every time I hated it. So I didn’t even gave myself an opportunity to do it badly… I fired the clients after one or two sessions.

Now, what has changed that I don’t think of myself as a bad business coach?

A whole lot…

But before I make the list… let me look for the source of this change…

If I had to find just one thing, I would say that it is the expression: capture value.

We all talk about value, we all give it lip service.

They don’t see my value… My “I” feels devalued… they don’t this and they don’t that.

Capturing value is creating a “vehicle” for another to be able to compensate us for the value we created.

It’s an oopsie daisy for most people. They don’t have a vehicle to capture value.

They may have stuff, but no vehicle.

This is true in business, and this is true in life.

If you don’t have a way for another to express their appreciation… you are screwed. In your job, in your relationships, in your family.

So that was a huge distinction for me.

It made me go and find uncaptured value… stuff that I have created, and is just gathering digital dust.

Changing gears….

Another source of me becoming a good business coach is the insights I glean from observing people.

No matter where I look, 90% of all the people I have looked at, base their lives on creating campaigns… not a life.

They diet as a campaign. They hydrate their cells as a campaign. They sign up to programs and do it as a campaign.

Campaign means: you never made it a habit, you never integrated it in your life… Campaign means you always start on square 1… and return to square 1.

I used to do “business” this way, and it was horrible. A veritable roller coaster… One day feast, the other day famine.

Now, what is the fundamental difference between doing projects or building/running a business/life?

One word. Systems.

Systems are the basis of processes. Systems are the basis of habits. Establish systems and you can always “plug in” a new element, and integrate it.

Unless you start doing that, you’ll get too little benefit from anything to be worth your while.

Including any of my courses, including my coaching programs… including any of my products.

Building systems is not easy for you, because you have never done it. And not many programs teach creating systems.

My favorite marketing teacher teaches a system. (Robert Plank). He also runs his own business on the same system.
I am basing my business on his timeless system.

And when someone hires me to be their business coach, if I can take them to the level where I myself have gotten myself, they can hire a different coach to take them to the sky…

I can’t. I am not there myself.

But you go to the higher level coach, and they won’t work with you to change your mindset, to establish systems… they will go to doing doing doing… the hallmark of a campaign mindset, the roller coaster life… the life you don’t want.

Some of the systems you need to build to be successful at the work I teach as follows:

-If you are in the 67 step coaching: if you have to sit by your computer to do a step, you’ll do them too infrequently.

I have the 67 audios on my wireless headphones. Designated for the 67 steps.

I can do them while I walk, I can do them while in bed, I can do them while doing mindless things. So I do them regularly. If they were on my computer, I would not…

This is one of the issues with some of the courses I have bought: they come with videos, and I can’t suffer sitting by my computer and just watch… I am too restless for that.

-I have a system for shopping, a system for my meals, a system for energizing my water, a system to take my supplements, a system to get to bed, a system for reading, maybe on one of those talk-to-me calls I’ll share them all.

-I have a system to use my reticular activator to do the work for me… won’t go into details.

-Lastly: I don’t keep anything in my memory. I put them down on paper, or put them on my online calendar, or on a notepad on my computer… a text file.

Nothing in my mind, nothing on my mind.

Why? Because the mind is the home of the Dark Side… so I keep away from it.

In my coaching program I want people to use the 67 steps to trigger all kinds of voices, and memes, and resistance, so they can practice hearing them as voices, memes, or resistance.

The content of the steps is not something to learn, and yet, what is relevant to you and your life will gently sink in… without forcing it.

It’s a system… A system of growth. Unbeatable.

My systems are not complicated. But they cover EVERY ASPECT of my life. EVERY aspect. And it is all running smoothly. OK… shipping physical products is not a smooth system yet…

That is why I am confident that I am a good business coach. Because unless you have fail-proof systems, you have no business calling yourself a business person. None.

PS: There is a lot of room in a system for sprints…

A normal growth method, a good growth method is such: you do a sprint (which is a campaign): concentrated effort… and then you do a consolidation period where you adjust everything in your systematized life to get to the same level.

This is why I am suddenly attracted to do a “challenge”… where I could use the next six weeks or so, to do a sprint. What would I want to achieve? I have been thinking of doubling… doubling something… income? Number of clients? I like the sound of doubling.

A big jump like this doesn’t happen without a strong foundation, and without a concentrated effort… a sprint, a challenge.

I could join someone else’s challenge, or I could create my own. The benefit for me is to have a community that does the same thing… There is a lot of energy in that.

What do you say? Shall I create my own challenge?

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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Publish at Raise your vibration true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living