Campaign means: you never made it a habit, you never integrated it in your life… Campaign means you always start on square 1… and return to square 1.

Building systems is not easy for you, because you have never done it. And not many programs teach creating systems.

  • The More time Workshop I did back in 1987… it taught a system that set me off on a winning trajectory.
  • The Millionaire Mind Intensive also taught a system… an excellent one.
  • The people who followed the system consistently, won.
  • The people who didn’t… didn’t win.

-If you are in the 67 step coaching: if you have to sit by your computer to do a step, you’ll do them too infrequently.

-Lastly: I don’t keep anything in my memory. I put them down on paper, or put them on my online calendar, or on a notepad on my computer… a text file.

It’s a system… A system of growth. Unbeatable.

PS: There is a lot of room in a system for sprints…



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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