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How To Manifest Anything or THE Missing Piece Of The Law Of Attraction Puzzle: …Or How To Be In Vibrational Harmony With Money, Love, And Success

how to manifest anything: money

How to Manifest Anything or the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle We all want to manifest our wants and needs. We all want miracles. We all want some divine assistance to solve our problems. But… How to Manifest Anything or the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle: Desire or How to Be in Vibrational Harmony With Money, Love, and Success Some religions preach to you to suppress your desires. They say that it’s the root of all evil. Maybe even a sin. Christianity, Buddhism… to mention the ones I know. Kabbalah teaches you to awaken desire, that is how to manifest anything. The question is: Does what those religions say benefit you? Or does it serve the powers that be?

  • Are they correct to suggest that you squash your desire?
  • That you extinguish your fire?
  • Is happiness available when you are poor, sick, alone, and chaste?

Or is there a mistaken (or maybe evil and self-serving) interpretation in the midst of it? Are they on your side, or are they depriving you from your birthright: to have it all? This article will examine that and provide you with the understanding of what’s between you and attaining your desire. It will show you how to manifest anything. What is the spiritual function of desire? Is it good for you? And how about wanting? The Law of Attraction? Lots of people want money. More precisely, they want more money. They turn to the Law of Attraction, and find out that your vibration needs to be in vibrational harmony with what you desire. The first question we want to deal with, what is the difference between want and desire. At first glance, there is no difference, would you agree? Want, desire, wish, hope… all seem to mean the same thing. The difference isn’t in the language you use. It is in the mindset. It is in the attitude. It is in the vibration of these seemingly same sentiments or attitudes.. Except that the vibrational frequency of these seemingly same activities is vastly different. Want vibrates between 50 and 75 on the scale of consciousness. Desire vibrates at 295 Wish vibrates at 295 Hope vibrates between 310 and 320 That is very interesting, wouldn’t you say? The higher your vibration the more effective you are in life. the more you can have. the closer you are to perfection the higher your vibration is. When your vibration is high,

  • you sleep well.
  • You look good.
  • get along with people.
  • your negativity is low.
  • your ambition and energy is high.

But what creates a high vibration? Something physical, or something inside you? It is clear that it is your attitude, it is how you look at the world, and yourself in it. When you change your attitude your vibration goes with it. Up or down, depending on your change. And the higher your vibration, the easier you can manifest anything. And in this article, this is our focus. So let’s analyze the mindset, the attitude that goes with these words. and also what makes something higher vibration that something so similar sounding. Let’s first take a look at want or wanting from the point of view of mindset. When you want, you can hear harshness. That is the first impression. Then you hear the I stressed as very important. Want is a very ego based sentiment. It is ‘you’ that wants, and it stops with you. It speaks entitlement, just because you want it, it should be given to you. It is like the baby crying for the bottle. Wanting tells me that you haven’t grown up, that you got stuck on the level that Nietzsche, a great German philosopher labeled ‘Infantile will to power.’ In that paradigm people are objects, only there to give you what you want. And if they don’t? you’ll complain that they don’t. Small dark world. You are either a tyrant or a victim. Switch on, switch off. Two dimensional. You can only force in this space of ‘want’, you cannot manifest anything. Another thing that keeps the vibration low is that in the want, somehow, the lack of what you want is present. You want more, better, or different. It is designed to fix how it is. When you want to fix something you are stuck on the level of what you want to fix. It isn’t that you are free to choose what you want. you react. You react to the lack of it. You react from a stance of victimhood. You’re completely unaware, at this level of vibration, that the Universe is willing to give you everything you desire: wanting is not desire. Let’s see how want and desire are different. That is the key to manifest anything.

Desire: How to Manifest anything

Desire is sleeping in most of us. Even though desire is the crucial element of initiating the ‘Light’ to come to you. According to Kabbalah, in the beginning there was only the Light. The nature of the Light is to give. Freely, abundantly, all the time. For a long time it was OK for the Light to just be, but after a long time not having anything or anyone else, the Light decided to create a Vessel to bestow its gifts to. It was designed purely for receiving. The Light created the Vessel and it was wonderful. The Light was giving, the Vessel was receiving, and it went on for a long long time, in peace and harmony.

how to manifest anything

But, unfortunately, like the glass has drops of water remaining on its surface after you empty it, the Vessel got ‘tainted’ with the essence of the Light, and it started to grow a desire to give. There was no one to give to, and it continued to receive, but its mood was shifting, slowly, but steadily. A certain unwillingness was creeping in: it wasn’t happy just receiving any more. At some point it said to the Light: No more. I want to earn my Light! Stop giving to me! The Light obeyed and withdrew itself to a small point. At that point, what scientists call the Big Bang, the sudden change in energy, the Vessel broke into trillions of little pieces, and the physical Universe sprung into being. The Vessel, still designed for receiving, but now wanting to earn its light, is the souls of humanity. The souls, in human form, forgot that they wanted to earn the light. Humans forgot that they wanted to give before they would receive. They forgot that there is the Light, desiring to give more than the souls are desiring to receive. How is this knowledge going to help you to activate The Law of Attraction, i.e. receiving the Light? How do you awaken your desire? You can awaken desire for what you really need on both the physical and the spiritual levels. The importance of awakening true desire for the Light cannot be overestimated. So where do you find your deepest desires? Desires live deep inside. opposite to wants which want to fix how it is. When you ask a little boy what he wants to be, he will say pilot, fireman, or something like that, because they are not in need of fixing anything, they are free to dream, and their desire is not buried. Yet. Here is how worldview kills desire Then later ‘life’ takes over, negativity takes over, parental and other ‘guidance’ takes over, and you are reduced to solving problems in a hostile world, where if you don’t worry about yourself, no one will. You are looking for stability, and physical and other selfish wants. These wants come from a place of no power. You see other people who seem to have a good life. and you want that, because you don’t have it. It’s a place of darkness, a place of scarcity, a place of wants and needs, and should and shouldn’t, and you’ll notice, that the Light isn’t activated. It is just getting darker, with occasional moments of sunshine, you get a break here and there, just so you can continue digging yourself deeper. This is the world of wants. You want to ‘graduate’ or better said, return, to the world of desire where you can dream for the sake of dreaming, not because you need what you dream about, but because you can. There is nothing to fix, because there is nothing missing, nothing is wrong, because you can, and you will, and you are strong and powerful, and the Light loves you. As you see, before you can activate your capacity to desire, you need to rid yourself of your conditioning, of your scarcity thinking, of your negativity, that you picked up along the way. You can’t just jump into desire from where you are it is going to take some work on your belief system, on your habits of speaking and thinking and acting… but it’s worth it. When you are done, you’ll be able to claim what is your due: dreaming, and your desires fulfilled. To manifest anything! And here is an oral tradition story from Kabbalah on desire:

how to manifest anything: grow your vessel

Desire is the Vessel for the Light. Now is your chance to awaken your deepest desires. There is a fundamental lesson here, one that is often forgotten. The only way to draw Light is to have a Vessel, and the only Vessel is desire. To the degree that you awaken true desire, Light will be revealed. If you don’t do the work of awakening desire, it will be very difficult to manifest the desired Light. So what you can do to accomplish that is the most significant step towards ensuring blessings in both the physical sense and the spiritual sense. There is a story in the book of 2 Kings 4:1–6

that begins with a woman, the wife of a prophet, calling out to Elisha, one of the greatest of all the prophets. She says, ‘My husband has passed away. And because we are left with so many debts, one of the creditors wants to take away my children to be servants.’

So Elisha says to this woman, ‘Tell me what you have in your house.

She replies, ‘I have nothing left in my house except a small jar of oil.

Then the prophet Elisha tells her, ‘Go to all of your neighbors and gather all the cups and bowls and pans that you can find in their houses. Once you’ve gathered all these vessels, bring them into your house, close the door behind yourself and your children, and you’ll be able to fill up all those vessels. Just pour the oil from your small jar into all of those vessels.

She does as he told her. She collected the vessels from her neighbors, and then returned to her house and closed the door behind herself and her children. She took her one small jar and began to pour out the oil and just kept pouring.

Then she said to her son, ‘Bring some more vessels.’ When her son replied that there were no more vessels, the oil stopped flowing.

You can draw a clear understanding from this story. As long as there were more vessels to be filled, the flow was endless. Once there were no more vessels, the flow stopped. So when I talk about the importance of awakening a desire, I want to be very clear about what this means. You have to be full of desire. Not want. In fact, the degree to which you may think you have desire is not even close to the true desire that you can have. Because of this, you may limit the amount of Light you receive. And this is something to which all of us are susceptible. When I speak about desire, I wish to differentiate between two different forms. There is the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone: ‘I want more of this or more of that to make my ego more fulfilled. or to be more better different. more than my neighbors. I want others to admire me. etc,’ or ‘I want to fix my health, my life, my financial situation because it’s wrong’ This, obviously, is not the desire you need to awaken; on the contrary, you want to diminish those desires. Instead, you can kindle the desire that is based on the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. This means you can ask for everything, but be very clear about why you desire it. If you desire something to fulfill your ego needs, that will not draw and reveal Light. But if your Desire is to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, that is a true Vessel into which the Light of the Creator can flow. Yes, you can want more money. Yes, you can want more power. But why do you want it? Let this be clear in your mind. If you want something because you want to share more of what you receive, then the flow will be endless.

how to manifest anything: grow your vessel

How to manifest anything

Kabbalists teach us that in order to awaken a true Vessel, in order to awaken a true desire, you have to quiet the ego. As long as your selfish desire is making noise, you will be without a true Vessel. To truly build the Vessel that achieves the purpose — a limitless, endless Vessel — you need to quiet the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone and to awaken a true Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. You can awaken your desire for everything. When you do this, whatever blessings you might hope for will manifest more than anything you might ever hope for or imagine. This is how to manifest anything. Your attitudes are hidden from you in your body, body posture, body feelings. Before you can change your attitude you need to find how you express it in your body. Here is a workshop where I was teaching how to feel your body and what it says

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