The myth that if you are better than…

Sophie Benshitta Maven
8 min readNov 6, 2019

The myth that if you are better than the average, if you are better than the other guy/gal then you are OK…

If you knew how others view you, if you knew how you rank as a human… really, you’d be up in arms, shouting “bloody murder!” because you are delusional. You can’t see the other, you can’t see yourself, and you definitely can’t see yourself the way others see you… so any and all negative feedback is a surprise and an insult.

But if you are comparing yourself to another 99 percenter… whether they are average, below average, or above average, you are comparing yourself to something irrelevant…

Scientists, statisticians say humanity and its characteristics, intelligence, achievement, health, etc. can be described with the bell curve, where they focus on the average…

But if you ask anyone if they want to be average, they mostly say no… and they fancy themselves as above average.

But even if you are above average, you are comparing yourself against people who you don’t respect… who are miserable, unproductive, undisciplined, liars, cheaters, like yourself.

And even if you were way above average, the people you are not comparing yourself to, the people who really matter, who really attract, who move humanity forward: the one percent of humanity.

In every area of life the crowd separates, qualifies themselves as either the 99% or the 1%. In school, in sports, in social events, at work, everywhere.

The one percent will, for example, buy something and really benefit from it.

One percent of drivers drive well, the rest… Just watch drivers: the number of drivers who have good cars but drive them if the car were a jalopy is staggering.

Most people can’t drive, don’t know the traffic rules, have no driving skills, no manners, no sense of how to make life work.

The 99 percenters visit a website, buy something, join a course, a webinar, buy coaching, etc…

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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