The purpose of all learning is to allow the learning to change who you are

  • 2. all the other reasons people read for…
  • Most people read with an agenda. Trying to find something that either answer a question, or satisfies some gossipy curiosity.
  • Other people read for understanding.
  • And yet other people read to learn something… but learn for mind reasons… not for themselves.
  • Most people, I could even say all people are missing the point of reading.

Everything you ever wanted is rooted in your being.

Who you are is what internal conversations constitute you. What you are up to. What drives you…

Methods of delaying the revealing the self

  • Method 1. is to use commentary, explanation, narration. Example: saying The voice said that I am stupid…
    the truth is this: the voice said: “YOU ARE STUPID!”
  • Method 2. is jumping into conclusions: the voice may say: you are stupid… but you don’t stop there, you continue and add your conclusion: therefore I will never succeed…
  • The operative word is “therefore
    Other operative words are: never and ever
  • Method 3. arguing with the voice, trying to change what the voice says.

But if you are here to raise your vibration, then you want to get to your empty self, to the space of no thing.


You’ll be stuck in that low vibration being that is defined by that thing you didn’t say no to.

IT is saying things about you, about the world, about other people.

You see, unless you treat yourself as a business, you won’t amount to much in life.

And treating yourself as a business means: you need to learn from business principles to know who you need to be to do what you need to do, so you can have what you want.



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