On my way home, climbing the long steps off Euclid Avenue, I was listening to Step 21 of the 67 Steps. It’s about a superpower of being able to get into a relationship with people because you can recognize how their machine works, and because therefore you can speak their language.

Everything comes to you through people… and you cannot get more abundance than what your skills with people allow you to have.

I have been resigned about my ability to get better at dealing with people. Resigned means: I have a fixed mindset about it, that says: it may be possible for you, but it’s impossible for me.

But being resigned doesn’t mean I have given up. I haven’t. But every time I read someone’s stuff, or watch someone’s stuff who is good at it, and maybe that is their superpower, I resent them. I do. Not nice, I know, but it’s how it is.

It goes hand in glove with resignation.

And the third R is not that far: regret.

When I consider that with a little more work, a little more insight, a little more humility I could get more out of life…

The interesting thing is this: this was the tenth time I listened to this step.

And in the past 21 days I have taken on connecting.

I am giving free strategy sessions. I am bringing more compassion to my interactions. I have even asked for help three times in these 21 days.

Which means: I am not where I was in the past nine rounds: I have already moved a couple of inches.

I assert that this is why I was able to see that I was resigned, that this step was important to me, and that I can… I can choose to be on my side, on my life’s side, and become more of who I was meant to be.

I would call the secret method I keyed into “Start Starting”. And object in motion can be redirected easier than an object that is not in motion… says on of Isaac Newton’s laws, and it seems to be a real law.

It began with looking at my life as an experiment.

Everyone’s life has at least four “dimensions”, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Spiritual in this context is maybe allowing Life to win, instead of having your life be all about you. This is the biggest issue people deal with that I can call a spiritual issue.

This 21 day period began with me reading a book with an idea that knocked me conscious.

The author said that if you succeeded in improving one percent every day in all four dimensions of life, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, in on your you’d become 37 times better in one year. If you got 1% better every week, you’d get 67 percent better.

But… what the heck does it look like, what would you do to get better in the dimensions physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual?

Once you ask a question that makes you ponder, makes you look, you are taken out of the same old same old, and you are taken into growth mode…

I don’t even think you can avoid it. I did not intend, did not decide to do it yet, and yet my life has already altered.

Can you do this if you are only interested in one area… that is all about you? Probably not.

I have doubts that you can grow your earnings without growing your health, growing your emotional health, your intellectual aptitudes, and your spiritual attitudes.

Unless you, the whole of you, open up, you remain closed, and you only wanting what you want is going to block you from getting what you want.

That is nasty… unloving, uncaring from the Universe… right?

Yeah, reality is a bitch…

The Universe is not a cash-machine that gives you money that you haven’t already deposited.

In reality, “To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

And if you look at yourself, you got exactly what you have already deserved.

For most people Starting Starting is what’s missing.

Do what’s difficult while it is easy. Start starting… Wherever, whichever dimension you start, you’ll be in movement, and when you ask the question: what could I do now to increase myself in the physical dimension, in the emotional dimension, the intellectual dimension, and the spiritual dimension?

I have no clue how it happened, but this past week every single client got into motion, into looking, into doing something that will increase them one percent at a time.

If you thought that just because you are so X (fill in the blanks for yourself, pretty, smart, etc.) you’ll be able to jump from zero to 50 all at once?

Everything is built brick by brick… One conversation at a time, one choosing to move or eat right at a time, one whatever at a time.

And they all started out as an idea. Really. All of them.

But your idea muscle has either never developed, or has atrophied from non-use.

One of my clients is doing a practice of coming up 10 new ideas every day.

I am looking at 10 new service or product ideas a day… so I can serve you better.

Creativity is a result of a well-toned, well-honed idea muscle.

The Three R’s signal a dead idea muscle…

And it seems that it all starts with a new view of life…

Inside that new view you see different and new things to do… for example that you can start starting, without being sure where you are heading.

All deserving begins like that… by starting starting.

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