Thinking of life as an iterative game changes how you play it

Sophie Benshitta Maven
6 min readApr 22, 2020

Thinking of life as an iterative game changes how you play it… Life. Positioning yourself for the future carries more weight than ‘winning’ in the moment.

I read that yesterday, and it immediately clicked with me…

Let me explain:

My methodology, my approach to life, to work, to transformation, to everything, is iterative.

Even in architecture: I was attracted to iterative design… the growing house… starting with just a tiny house that was designed with the big house in mind.

Iterative means: I start with an incomplete execution of an idea… and I improve on it after lots of testing, and go through this cycle several times.

I used that approach to raise my vibration from 35 to 991 in 35 years.

Can you do the same? Yes… if you use the iterative approach, game designers use a lot.

Here is what I found on the internet for Iterative game design

Iterative game design is the process by which a video game is repeatedly proposed, prototyped, play tested and reevaluated prior to working product release. Iterative game design operates on the following principle: It is unrealistic to create an ideal product on the first try.

I design processes, programs, courses, methodologies, energies, not games, but the process is the same. Software developers use the same.

The concept of the minimum acceptable product comes from iterative thinking.

In fact the process of building a successful life, successful in every area of life, is iterative. Health, relationships, work, money, procreation (children)… everywhere.

The iterative method is not additive. The masses either think that you can jump all the way to the top, that you have Pallas Athene jump out of your brain in all armor and power… or alternatively you grow something, linearly, add to it a little bit when you can.

Neither methods work. The iterative method is counter-intuitive in that at the start of each iterative cycle, after the test drive, you tear it down…

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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