In this article we’ll look at intelligence, but we could also look at the character, the attitude, the moral fortitude of the selves… but because I look at the world through the frame of smart and stupid, and only secondarily through loyal/disloyal, I’ll write this article on the intelligence level of your two selves.

Charly in Flowers for Algernon knew he was “stupid”, he had no delusions, and he did whatever and whatever much he could, to increase his knowledge, which didn’t change his IQ, but changed what he could do in the world.

I don’t care how stupid or smart you are as long as you increase what you can do in the world. We call that growth, learning.

I am dyslexic, which is an abnormal brain development in the womb. I see things that are not the way I see them.

I also don’t have a lot of social savvy… I say things other people wouldn’t say.

It caused a lot of trouble in my life, especially in my early childhood.

When I decided to get a driver’s license at age 30 my parents were protesting: you’ll kill people! they said.

They never saw any of my accomplishments, only the stupid little girl.

In 1996 I finally owned it, embraced it, and started to grow as a person.

I created new habits, and worked on them.

Like the Psych guy: I practiced noticing things accurately. I practiced looking twice or three times. I practiced slowing down, so I have time to see.

I started to welcome mistakes, my mistakes, and asked “why” or “how” or “what did I miss” all the time.

Then I started to observe other people’s mistakes and ask the same questions.

I didn’t know about the schizophrenia of all people, so people’s mistakes are incredibly jarring to me.

What am I missing?

Recently I discovered these two selves: the actual self that knows what it knows and does what it does… and the “precious I” self, that is puffed up and is delusional.

The further the delusional self is, the more mistakes you’ll make, and the less you’ll learn.

I call it the gap. The gap that if you cannot bridge it, you remain a dunce who fancies himself very smart. Very capable. But in fact is a dunce. Oh, and very unhappy with the world for not giving him his worth in money, praise, and love.

I am talking about everyone. Myself included.

You know that one of my products, the Water Energizer, is something that can bring you out of scarcity thinking, from survival mode in life.

Survival mode will manifest differently in different soul corrections… some will whine, some will steal, lie, use, grab, because it feels like there is not enough, unless they do they won’t live.

And scarcity suggest that unless you get all that money, all that love, all that thin body, you are nothing, you cannot be happy… so scarcity tosses you to the “desire trap”, the desire merry go round, pursuing things that look like the solution.

But when your cell hydration is increased, suddenly you don’t need all that… the desire level drops, and you can actually live, instead of suffer for not having whatever you are pursuing.

It can be health, wealth, status, sex… or other pleasure.

So the number one thing anyone benefits from is being pulled out of scarcity, pulled out of survival, by hydrating the cells.

But the delusional self, that doesn’t even try to understand, doesn’t have the capacity to understand how it works, interferes.

You play the audio at the loudest setting to the water through a thin, membrane-like container wall. The audio resonates the container wall, and passes on the energy vibration to the water.

The water suddenly turns coherent at 653 vibration. It takes a long time to get to 653… 26.5 hours generally.

The vibration can be propagated with entrainment: you put energized and not energized water on two sides of a thin membrane, and the higher vibration water entrains the lower vibration water to itself.

If you put smaller bottles of energized water into your larger container, they start entraining your larger body of water. The two waters need to be separated only by a thin membrane, no air.

You need to start with water that can be energized to 653….

Most waters cannot be made coherent. Dissolved solids are the biggest issue, but impurities, like dirt also prevent the water from getting coherent.

Well water has dissolved solids (mostly washed in from the surface) and also dirt.

Most tap waters can be purified with a simple two step process: removing the sediments, and removing certain gases and other toxins. Filters that add chemicals render the water dead: it cannot be energized.

Most store bought waters have chemicals and other bad stuff… because of how they were processed. Spring waters as treated… and often rendered dead.

Boiling doesn’t remove the chemicals.

Distillation destroys the water’s ability to become coherent again.

Here are a few examples of failed energizing because of “user error”:

  • Mistake 1: your container is not a thin membrane. It is thick molded glass… will not resonate
  • Mistake 2: your headset is over air, not on the other side of the water
  • Mistake 3: you don’t play the audio… you just think you do
  • Mistake 4: your starting water cannot be energized. If your water was good for a long time… but there was Dark Side period, or snow melting, or storms… your water will not be good and be made coherent again.
  • Mistake 5: the mistake no one recognized: putting a heavy water jug on the top of a speaker is a bad solution: the weight of the water will be too heavy for the audio to lift and resonate… duh. Resonate means physically, actually vibrate…

Students who work with computers, or numbers are dumber… in the ways of the world.

Cooking also puts you in touch with real stuff… maybe even gardening.

But if your aspiration is to be considered intellectual and you are not… your delusional self will run your life and you’ll never experience the successes a person who deals with real stuff… because your delusional self will discount it.

Now, here is a twist…

Some people’s delusional self is stupid.

The common teaching is that the higher your self-esteem, i.e. your delusional self, the better you’ll do at life.

But according to my experience and observation, the opposite is true.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? But if you could look again (if, I said!) you could see that people who have a nagging doubt about their capacities will look more carefully, will work harder, and will do a lot less of “I know” mistakes.

They succeed in spite of their low self-esteem, while high self-esteem people fail, falter, muck up because of their high, delusional, self-esteem. They fail to consider that they need to work, look, observe, think…

Here is a question that you didn’t think to ask (and none of those mindset teachers that bought into this crap!)

The surprising answer is: the people with high self-esteem will not be happy… because their results will never accurately return proof that in fact they are smart…

The other interesting tidbit is this: people with a low self-esteem, whose delusional self is not as capable as they really are, have a smaller gap between the two selves’ capacities, about 10%.

Whereas people with the high-self-esteem racket have as much as 60–70% gap.

because a racket is a structure, a construct, where you have a complaint and a fixed attitude.

The complaint of high-self-esteem people is that they do not get as much results as they feel entitled to get… and the fixed attitude is they never actually think it has anything to do with them…

In my work with people this is the first area where I need to alter the balance: I need the delusional self (If it is high) go lower, much lower.

So far, this has been the hardest thing for me to achieve any results.

Of course, I don’t even start to work with anyone whose cell hydration is not at least 30%…

PS: Self-esteem and self-confidence are not even similar. Self-confidence is earned… self-esteem is imagined.

This video is not related, but is amazing:

I do not believe in god and yet I haven’t gotten mad yet… so his way to sanity is not the only way…

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