What does it mean? What does it mean that I always notice when it’s 11:11?

Sophie Benshitta Maven
7 min readMar 25, 2020
  • It doesn’t mean anything…
  • Life is empty and meaningless.
  • 11:11 on your clock has no meaning.
  • There are no angels other than invented by fellow humans.
  • No gods either.
  • Also no devil.

But we keep on making us sh*t and then honoring it as the truth. We… meaning humanity. You and I.

But the reality is: all meaning is given. Given by people. It doesn’t belong to the thing… It is like a piece of clothing… clothing doesn’t define you…

But it seems humans are craving meaning, want meaning, so they make meaning… and then honor their meaning as the truth.

Even pets living with humans seem to learn that…

The cat downstairs made herself a meaning that if the owners go out, she is abandoned… so she yowls incessantly, like life is over, whenever they go out, and even when they just close the bedroom door…

The downstairs neighbor ‘yowls’ incessantly when her boy friend goes to work at 6 am and ‘abandons’ her… so when he finally comes home from operating heavy equipment, she gives him her mind… poor chap. Yesterday she was banging around angrily all day… today she is quiet… I think finally she feels sick: she has the virus.

But don’t laugh at the cat or at her: you do the same.

  • You got locked in a car when you were three years old, and you gave it meaning: you are nothing. Is that the best you could come up with? How is that working for you?
  • Your father made a face at your poopy diaper and you gave it meaning: it meanr that you should be different, but you decide, hell no! and live your life out of that meaning. How is that working for you?
  • Your mother had her hands full with the next kid she bore, and you decided that you would never get attention unless you forced it out of people… and then you did it and still do. And you spend your life forcing, and complaining… but when that attention is given to you, you cry foul… it needs to be extorted, don’t they know it? How is that working for you?
  • Your step father didn’t immediately…
Sophie Benshitta Maven

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