The hardest thing to see is that in your world you call the shot. Even when you don’t know that you are doing that.

I saw no value in people beyond what they could do, especially do for me. Their value to me. The slave master’s value system.

Now, was it The Healing Codes that did it? No. I did it.

The more I can see, the more I am willing to see the intrinsic value in myself, the more people feel seen by me.

As you keep your attention at the lack of love, you start to see that it is a lack YOU have… that you are the one who holds LOVE hostage, who makes it conditional. You are the stingy one.

There is nothing wrong with you… you just need to straighten out your view of life. It takes work. But the work is not about improving you: it is improving how much and how well you see it.

My programs are all about bringing your view up to speed… there is nothing wrong with YOU!

Being mentored is not up to the other person. Being mentored is you surrendering yourself to be mentored. Trust enough to be mentored. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to be mentored.


  1. And yesterday, in the BBC series, Wallander, he says in his talk in South Africa: Do we make a difference? Maybe. Sometimes. But we always try to make a difference.
  2. My heroes are characters whose lives are not about their lives. Who are animated by an idea larger than themselves. And therefore they can rise above hate, and they can rise above envy, and they can rise above greed.
  3. ANGOL: man is a wolf to man
    BELARUSZ: (calavjek calavjeku vouk)
    DÁN: mennesket er en ulv mod mennesket
    FINN: ihminen on ihmiselle susi
    FRANCIA: l’homme est un loup pour l’homme
    HOLLAND: de mens is een wolf voor zijn medemens
    covjek je covjeku vuk
    LATIN: homo homini lupus est
    LENGYEL: czlowiek czlowiekowi wilkiem
    LITVÁN: žmogus žmogui — vilkas
  1. NÉMET: der Mensch ist des Menschen Wolf
    OROSZ: ??????? ???????? ???? (celovek celoveku volk)
    PORTUGÁL: o homem é o lobo do homem
    SPANYOL: el hombre es un lobo para el hombre
    SVÉD: människan är människans varg
    SZLOVÉN: clovek cloveku volk
  1. Wolves are more complex than lobsters. When wolves fight for dominance, and one surrenders, showing its belly and neck. The other wolf spares it. You need to breed out Life from humans to behave the way they do.



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