What is evil… and who is evil? Is it what the bible teaches? And what is the state of evil in the world today?

  • You shouldn’t have to reciprocate
  • You shouldn’t have to pay attention
  • You shouldn’t have to do anything for what you want… especially not something that another person will or may benefit from

Circuitry: blocking even the chance of thinking about any energy going to the other… Block the flow…

Are there exceptions?

Divide and conquer has been a winning strategy in history…

Human nature, the lowest, seems to seek benefit at others’ expense… this is what Kabbalah calls “desire for the self alone” the only evil there is.

By only thinking of yourself, of what you are getting, from others, mind you, not through your work, you are feeding the darkness.

How do you recognize evil? Desire for the self alone?

What gets lost is what makes life worth living.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


Publish at Raise your vibration www.yourvibration.com true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living