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Frustration has two causes: 1. wanting 2. expecting. Unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled expectations. Horrid. →Click to read footnote 1

You want more, better, different… Or you expect more better or different.

Either way, you are acting consistent with what society, what civilization wants you to be… not with Life.

More, more, more is the battle cry of consumerism. Industry, business wants to make more and sell more. So YOU cry for more, because you are told the secret to happiness is more. More this and more that.

You find out you are copper deficient (isn’t everybody, by the way?) and you ask: what has copper. Let me ADD some of that to my food… your food that already keeps you 20–30–40 pounds overweight.

Cyber week… Tai Lopez sells his four courses for the price of one… and plenty buy… want more, buy more!

But it’s all a sales job, greed, gluttony, and not how Life works, but you can’t hear me over the noise of your cravings for more.

In yesterday’s article I asked what makes happy people happy… and hardly anyone even opened that article… WTF don’t you want to know?

But you don’t… you are completely sold on more is better.

If Michelangelo lived by your mantra, David would be a flabby monster instead of the lean mean boy he really was.

You are stupid and you don’t even know it.

You say you want to be free… but you insist on being enslaved by your wants for more.

Warren Buffet says you need to lose a good idea on average every year, but I say that you need to lose one and keep it lost more often than that.

As long as your base approach to life is: in order to have more, you need to get more, you are on the wrong path, my dear.

It sounds really counter intuitive, but let’s look at that, shall we?

You say you want more happiness… but if you look, happiness is simply an absence of unhappiness, and other ugly emotions, anger, jealousy, yearning, wanting, needing, should.

You say you want more freedom… and you don’t see that what keeps you enslaved is what you have said yes to thus far, enough rope to hang yourself on it.

Do I sound angry? Disgusted? Disappointed? Frustrated?

I am frustrated.

Frustration is a useful redirection device. It says: you are trying to get to a result the wrong way… Wrong as in ineffective way.

Human nature is full of attempting to produce a desired outcome with ineffective ways… As I have shared above… all methods that ignore the Anna Karenina Principle are ineffective ways.

So what does the Anna Karenina Principle say: All happy families are alike, while each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

The other day I found myself crying while listening to a song… oh Carolina… I never caught who sang it, can’t find it on youtube… but after 37 years of leaving “home” I feel something like homesick… wow.

So many billions of places to be “not at home”, but only one place to be at home… if you can get my drift.

That is the Anna Karenina Principle: the plenty of choices, the plenty of paths, rob you of the one strait and narrow path that leads you to where you want to be.

In health, wealth, love, and fulfillment.

Some 31 years ago, in the middle of the Stock Market Crash, I participated in a course called More Money…

One of the exercises (I describe the exercise in another article,) designed to unconceal, reveal, uncover, make visible your blind spot in life… called the missing item. Your missing item.

My missing item was Freedom. I wasn’t free, and I could not see that anyone was free, not my parents, no my friends, not the President of the United States, no one.

As I recall, in the last phase of the exercise, you needed to make an itemized list of all the stuff you would spend all the money the fish gave you… stuff for you, stuff for people you knew, and stuff for the world.

When I look now, every single item on that list was like a rope that bound me, a bar on the cage I lived in. I had to have. I had to give. I had to do. I had to be.

Frustrating as hell.

Frustration is the result of having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… the signs of slavery.

31 years… one rope, one prison bar lost a year… and here I am virtually free of frustration. Virtually. I am still getting feedback on how I am teaching becoming all you can be NOT the strait and narrow way.

By the way, that is not straight and narrow… straight is something without curves… strait, on the other hand is just another word for narrow… like the Strait of Gibraltar…

Life is not complicated… society is. Civilization is.

The further from Life civilization goes, the less free its members…

So what happens when you manage to pare down your life in every area of your life to the few that matter?

I have a disheartening example what happens when you thought you did it, but in fact you did not…

Desire trap, or the desire for instant results, or for results is one of those things that are NOT on the strait and narrow, and trip up the best…

One of my students found a way to contribute, to train himself for a new way to make money… and I was careful to keep him away from his soul correction. The soul correction is where you can see what ways you insist on remaining a slave, staying off the strait and narrow.

His, Sexual Energy (the name is immaterial, or accidental, by the way) soul correction is to be able to let go of the desire trap, and do things for their own sake.

I have no control of what videos you watch, for example, so if you watch something that triggers the desire trap in you, some words: this is how I am going to be a billionaire, for example, you’ll abandon the strait and narrow, and your vibration, your intelligence, your happiness, your freedom will drop to where it was before you started to clean up your life.

The Opponent never sleeps. The game is always on.

You lose your vigilance, and you are back to square one.

Much like the board games we used to play as kids…

When your first inner driven efforts to become the best you can be are turned into actual tools to make money, friends, or influence, into vehicles of desire for the self alone, you become as wretched as you were before.

This is the worst time of the year because of the holidays, because of family, because of the onslaught of special offers, special promises, and every company trying to make a last hurrah to close the year on a high note.

You think you are strong, but you aren’t… The things you left behind, are still there… and you can still be returned to them.

Freedom is as much a matter of vigilance as anything.

A dance. A dance where every step needs to be conscious: is this step going to take me to freedom or enslavement.

I have been reasonably free for many years now, but I am still vigilant, and I still trip a few times a year… Thank god I know what happened fast enough to make corrective steps…

You are still largely unconscious and unaware.


  1. By the way, if you are in the Playground, you know that there is no “NO” in reality… so you can hopefully see that frustration is a symptom of you dealing with unreality… so you live in the right circle, smack in your head…

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