• 1. a total blindness of what gives meaning and therefore the mood for life.
  • 2. a total inability to see what is cause and what is effect.

But unless what you found is seed level, you can work till the cows come home, and you will only produce pretense, but not a change.

The core issue, the seed level is always simple.

When your life is a “I get to…” all of it, you cannot avoid but be grateful for it, and everything in it.

  • The exercise teacher thanked the class for showing up. People are abuzzSee footnote 1 about the coming snow storm. There was no joy, only worry.

Being able to penetrate the invisible, on your own, and not only in the examples I give, but in your own life, is what is missing.

But truth repeated is a lie. Truth when I say it… lie when you do.

Every phenomenon has the flesh and the skeleton.

The expanded meme may go this way: if I can see how it works and if I can make it work better… then I have to.

I watch students eagerly purchasing something, and once they have it, it promptly turns into “Grr, now I have to…”

They sound like YOU thinking, but YOU would not decide to think only what makes you miserable, would you?

  • It is why you fill your day with useless, inconsequential “stuff”.
  • This is why you fill your body with crap.
  • This is why you recoil from loving your partner, care about your children, or read a book.
  • Everything.

A life filled with ugh is an ugh life.


  1. filled with a continuous humming sound.
    “the room was abuzz with mosquitoes”



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