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If you want to be successful, you need to start where you are. But if you don’t know where you are, or mistakenly think you are somewhere else than where you actually are, you will never get to where you want to get to… NEVER. This includes your knowledge level, your skill level, your experience level, and your level of consciusness or your vibrational frequency. The only reliable way I know is to tell someone’s vibration accurately is to muscle test while truly connected to Source, by a person whose vibration is past ego… on or above the level of unconditional love. That doesn’t mean you can’t have clues…So that you can get a ballpark estimate of where you are or where another person is…

Stages of consciousness… metaphor by what can you see, accurately… how much of the context you see, both in time and in width

  • .buried or in a well
  • .in the basement
  • .street level
  • .street level but inside a house
  • .second floor of a building, no windows
  • .second floor of a building, with sound isolating windows.
  • third floor
  • fourth floor
  • .
  • ..lots of floors….
  • penthouse: lookout point.

You are a vehicle for your genes… everyone is.

What level of consciousness, what vibrational frequency is the “home” state of the vehicle that you are to your genes The selfish gene is interested only in reproductive success. Yours and your offspring’s. When a choice is to be made, that, reproductive success, is the criteria it considers, only. So your belief system, your habits, your automatic behavior, your world view begins with what the genes decided works for reproductive success for the genes, not you. Your happiness, fulfillment, well-being, sense of safety, wealth is not a concern to the genes beyond your reproductive success. I was born the runt of the litter. Neither the genes nor my parents considered investing in me a good investments, so they didn’t. This is one of the secrets of my ability to raise my vibration, raise my consciousness… that I wasn’t a good prospect for reproductive success for my genes. So, you see the level of vibration where the genes are calling all the shots is around 70 in vibration, and on street level in consciousness.

How do you know what level or consciousness you are at?


To the degree you are aware of but not reaction to the noise of others, the noise in your head, your emotions, your body, to the same degree you are high on the vibration scale. The more you react or respond, the lower you are on the vibration scale. On my level I don’t react and don’t respond at all. When you look what or where is your self, the you, you’ll find that there are two you’s… one is in your body, in your head, in the thick of it… On the horizontal plane of existence. The other you, the higher you is on the vertical plane. That is a you that is not in that noise. That is not in the body, not in the mind… that you is Consciousness. The Higher Self. It may hear the body, feel the emotions, hear the mind, but it hears it faintly, like the noise of the street heard in the penthouse. An “excellent” way to lower your consciousness is to seek out a “teacher” who has a lower consciousness than yours. The more fans a teacher has, the more popular a “teacher” is, the lower their vibration. Why is that true? Because a low vibration person, on either side of a conversation, makes sense to someone of a similar vibration, on a similar consciousness level. The vibration difference can be 20. This is why I was shocked when one of my best students asked me to muscle test Lisa Transcendence Brown’s vibration. Solid 70. In the basement consciousness level. (Update 7/20/17: Lisa’s vibration is at 200 now. Second floor.) But there are other aspects to pay attention to:

  • What is stored in the mind.
  1. The genes, purely the genes, no consciousness, give you a vibration of 70. The mind, if it is not filled with a lot of stuff, allows you to raise yourself to the vibrational level of 100. Upbringing, education, television, newspaper, to 150. Effort, using what you got, reasonably much, raises your vibration to 220. Which indicates to me that the low vibration of the planet is due to people not making efforts, not applying themselves.
  • What aspect of you listens, looks, reads or watches videos?
  1. You have several aspects. A group of nine, we call the gene driven aspects. The human animal. And the only aspect that is unique to humans: Consciousness and Witness. When the gene driven aspects listen, namely the aspect we call the mind, it is like a narrow cone of vision camera attached on your own level of vibration. Your filters are set 25 points above and 0 points below.
  1. What does this mean? That you can connect to what someone is saying in a narrow range. You hear it through the filters the mind and the genes set up. You don’t hear what someone is saying. You change the words as you listen to match your level of vibration… meaning: you didn’t hear what someone said. If my student listened through consciousness, she would have realized that the girl, Lisa whatever Brown was speaking from a grave… The mind actually adjust what you hear to what you can hear: your own level of vibration. I listen with consciousness, so this last few paragraphs took a lot of time to write because I had to muscle test for “what’s going on” every step of the way. I have NEVER listened through the mind. I have lived in theta brain wave mode all my life. So for me it is often very difficult to see that what you are doing makes sense to you. Theta state is where you disengage the filters and you can actually hear what someone say. I didn’t say: understand. But hear… without resistance, without needing to agree or disagree.
  • To what degree you are looking at the world ONLY from your limited perspective, the limited perspective of what you need.
  1. One excellent way to know where you are on this continuum of vibration ia by checking your sound quality, what other people hear, when you are on the phone or on a webinar. Sounding good on the phone or on a webinar shows how much you are willing to care about what other people need… your worth a damn factor. It starts with buying the right equipment. If your microphone is not directional, the person who listens to you has to struggle to make sense of what you are saying because of the auditory disturbance of your building’s noises, pipes, fans, paper rustling, that actually seem nonexistent to you, but are disproportionately loud through the microphone. Second step is experimenting in what position the microphone is far enough from your mouth to not be muffled. And so on, and so forth. Few people are willing to do that work, unless this is how they make their living. I even had a breakthrough in this, just recently.

Now, why is this a good article? Why is this information, heard rightly, will help you?

If you hear this rightly, this article is insructive. Teaching elements of high vibration that are absolutely within your reach, wherever you are on the vibrational or the consciousness scale. Because, believe it or not, the path to become all you can be, or even all you are willing to be, starts on a higher consciousness level than where you are now. It is impossible to cause something new on the same consciousness level where you made a mess of your life. When you manage to raise your consciousness through these pointers, you’ll see solutions that weren’t available to you when you started to read this article. Guaranteed. Read the rest at



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