their vibration and their awareness score.

  • Awareness is ultimately the opposite of how much time you spend in the mind… how much of reality you actually track as it is happening.
  • Vibration is also a seeing score, coupled with accuracy. How much of reality you see accurately.

What you actually see, that displaces reality is memes, tree of knowledge, second hand knowledge, and delusion.

Most teachers, authors today have an average vibration of 170, and a truth value of what they teach of 7–10%.

For example I know a few people who believe that they can go from zero to 100 with following one teacher’s course…

When your truth value is very low, you cannot see, you cannot even fathom that you are at the wrong place with the wrong tools, or with no tools at all.

You’ll get 30% of the hogwash, and if you are really good, you’ll get one half of one percent if the truth.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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