What you say and what you do… when it comes to your children becoming educated, productive people

One of the signs of the overwhelming inauthenticity ((My definition of authenticity is that there is nothing in the unsaid that isn’t consistent with what is visible… Authenticity is one of those big words that no one knows what it really means… so they go by feeling. The simplest way to define authenticity is that there is no pretense, no façade, no game playing. The person is the same through and through, whether he/she is seen or not.

Most people smile a lot in their pictures, but I can feel their anxiety, their fear, their inner trembling.

One more thing that I haven’t said before, but given that we are working with memes: if you obey memes, if you repeat memes, if you try to fit in with memes, you cannot be authentic.

Because your inner you, whether you know who it is or what it is, knows that what you are saying, what you are doing is not you… you are trying to fit in. So you cannot be authentic.

Werner has a saying about authenticity: he says we are always inauthentic, so we can only be authentic (tell the truth) about our inauthenticity
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One of the measure in the Starting Point Measurements is the inauthenticity measure.

)) and low level of integrity is the gap between what people say and what people do.

We, my marketing student and I, have been surveying mothers and fathers of children to find out to what degree they care about their children’s future.

Life wants more life… so one would assume that both men and women will want their children to become all they can be.

And when it comes to lip-service, this is often what they say.

But when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is… the truth is vastly different.

Less than one percent of women spend money on their children’s future. Education, skill building, music lessons, language lessons, educational toys, etc.

30% of men do.

If you listen to memes, you are now surprised.

Memes tout women as more caring, but these numbers talk against the memes.

Actually, in my experience, what women see as caring makes their children dependent on them, and makes their children a TLB-1… barely any chance of making it in life. TLB 1 people want me to be nice to them, to protect them, to be like a mother. But the whole field of mother-child is bankrupt when it comes to helping children become strong adults.

The words “caring” and “love” mean different things to different people: there is barely any agreement about any of it.

But we can agree to disagree… how women hear the words love and caring, I am guessing from their behavior, is being loved and being cared for.

Receiving. Desire to receive for the self alone.

While men hear it, maybe, as a giving, as an earning, as something that allows them to function in the world better, given that their sexual needs, and maybe some other needs can be taken care of.

In my occasional conversations, women behave like this 80% of the time, of maybe it is 80% of women 100% of the time?

I don’t know.

But the number of women who don’t recognize what “deal” they entered when they got married, to help their spouse make a living, to become mothers to the future generation, or whatever else they need to do, is staggering.

This is not only true about talented, high earning women: this is true for women who are not high earning, not learned, not highly skilled.

And of course between the opposing understanding of the “deal”, the children are a burden, or negotiating chips.

I do see exceptions, when the woman is exceptional.

And I do see role reversals as well.

This is not genetic. This is meme based. The genes know what is important, the memes say what is profitable for the meme creators.

Don’t be mistaken: memes, the meme creators have a profit motive, and they may also have an overwhelming desire to create a zombie consumer society where they can sway popular opinion at will.

All you need to do to create a zombie consumer society is to keep people be interested in some vague ideal that they need to fill, be pretty, thin, crave sex, and to harass the men so they can never feel at peace and in balance.

Or be a career woman who fights for equal income, even if she can’t focus on work with sick children at home. Have the children be a burden.

No matter which direction the memes sway you, you are not on the side of life.

And every generation of humans is less sturdy, less hardy, less willing to be a self-starter when it comes to educating themselves… because there is hardly anyone who cares about it… other than lip-service.

I didn’t give a complete picture of the state of thing… this article just scratches the surface… but I hope that instead of arguing, you’ll take a hard look at yourself, and the memes you obey. And your children… Poor children.



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