Conscience, in Hebrew, is the same word as the name for a compass that shows true North.

Conscience is why nothing works without integrity… your will punish yourself, one way or another.

Life wants more life

There is intelligence to the “design” of life. Innate intelligence. And foresight.

It is dangerous to say that there is an intelligent design, because both intelligence and design has been designated as conscious acts by sentient beings, according to the current knowledge of humans.

In the Original Design you were going to be guided by curiosity, the desire to fully use your capacities, and conscience.

Why? It makes them feel less than you. Inferior to you. So they force you to stay in the chicken coop.

As long as you are hooked on being special you are as ordinary as it comes. It is the most ordinary thing to want to be special. Being treated special. Being thought of as special.

Smarter people are only smarter because they don’t fritter their glycogen on puny worries, on stuff that doesn’t matter, on feeling special or what other people think of them.

The more you surround yourself with people the less energy you’ll have for anything that needs energy. People will suck you dry.


  1. conscience: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.
  2. This doesn’t mean what I see people want: getting more out of life… The problem is the word “getting”. It is an entitled saying. A truth value 100% saying is: You earn more life by putting more into life, investing more into life… I can feel you cringing. lol



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