Who are your customers? You don’t have any? Think again!

Sophie Benshitta Maven
6 min readJul 30, 2020


You have customers. Many. You have “vendor-customer” relationship with them.

It takes intellectual intelligence (the one the IQ tests test) to see this. It has nothing to do with being stingy, or emotionally unevolved.

So let’s have this conversation now to cause a sudden rise in your intelligence, and potentially a sudden rise in your income, your popularity, your street value.

The story behind this knowledge comes from 1991–1992.

I was a student in Werner Erhard and Associates in 1991, when Werner appeared on 60 minutes and consequently had to leave the country, his company, and go into exile.

He sold the company to its employees, and the company faltered.

They went, of course, to Werner for advice: What shall we do?

Werner suggested that they have this conversation, the one we are going to have with every vendor, every participant, every volunteer, and every staff member.

I was in many positions, so I had this conversation several times, and I think my business acumen doubled as a result.

Every person you have interactions with is your customer.

The McDonald’s employee who takes your order, the doorman who helps you bring in the packages from your taxi, your son who wants dinner and wants it now, your boss, your subordinate, every single person.

“Customer how?” you ask.

Customer in that the transaction, the quality of the transaction depends on you, and on some level, the quality of their life depends on you.

It is a distinction. A certain way of looking at life.

If you considered me a customer, for example, you would speak clearly when you post a comment. You would give me all the information I need for clarity and not a gram more, that is if you wanted me to solve a problem for you.

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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