Here is how I watch Netflix…

The first series I watched was Medium.

The second series I watched was Psych.

I have met tens of empaths, but they could not do anything other than vaguely feel what they felt… so what?

I added all of these 20 capacities through reading and watching Netflix.

One of the newest “thing” I just learned from this Korean Series about the Baduk player kid, a few minutes ago, that if you play by the rules, if you honor and respect all the rules, you won’t amount to much. You have to break the rules.

The “thing” you do is invisible to me. It may be totally invisible to you. But it cast a shadow.

The effect on the water is the shadow…

And the how is very important. Remember: how you do anything is how you do everything.

The way I approach knowledge, the gaining of knowledge, the gaining of insight would be impossible today had I continued eating without self-control, with only driven to the end result by some agenda, some hunger, some hurry…

I have a measure of how well I live. Every Sunday I look at the past Sunday… If it doesn’t look like a year between the two Sundays, I know I was in a hurry.

So when you are in a hurry, you chase something in the visible… missing life.

binging on netflix


  1. I am starting to discover how someone looks or sounds has nothing to do with their intelligence, or how much they actually know, get, see, etc… I am not quite done with this investigation, but I am starting to see that if I pay attention to the shadow they cast, I am more accurate in my assessments, and won’t assume they understand something when they attempt to deceive me… I’ll write an article when I am further in this inquiry. Won’t be pretty…



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