Why would he with a 160 IQ produce low truth value science?

Sophie Benshitta Maven
7 min readSep 23, 2021

Or an even better question: can that same dude see clearly that his science is only 10% truth value?

And another puzzling question: what does it feel like being a shyster?

Does it matter that he is a Pisces?

The issue is, I say, character.

What is character and why is it more important than IQ?

This dude’s soul correction is the same as mine… Forget Thyself. Is lying part of my soul correction? Hm.

Soul correction is a machine with a set of character defects. Lying is a character defect.

34 Forget Thyself, fancies itself above others. Its main move is condescension… look down upon… with superiority and contempt. Despise those who are less in its eyes, in its opinion.

This superiority is addictive. It comes with an automatic craving. And a 34 (and I believe 25 as well) considers that feeding the craving is more important than the truth.

How do I know? Being a 34 I have been fighting this addiction ever since it was pointed out to me, some 20 years ago. I didn’t really see it until then.

Today you’ll hear me self-correcting, frequently saying something bombastic, catching it, and saying… oops, that was a lie, of ‘I just lied’and then continuing with what is true. Without even a hint of making myself wrong or making correcting it right.

I have learned that you cannot control the machine. The machine is a machine… but you can manage the machine, or at least the output.

  • Lie is an output. You can catch it, and correct it. The earlier in the cycle you catch it, the more effective your life becomes.
  • Condescension is an output: you can catch it and correct it.
  • Superiority is an output…



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