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I just finished reading a book, a NY times bestseller.

In it a scientist discovers two life enhancing treatments: one makes you smarter, the other makes you live longer.

People go crazy to live longer, and don’t care to get smarter.See footnote 1

This is the current reality inside which I am trying to do the work I do: take some people further on the human evolution scale: to human being level.

And people are not interested. I guess they cannot see how much of the drama, trouble, heartache, no success is a result of not seeing, not seeing clearly, or assuming that they already know.

We all walk around thinking that what we see, what we think, what we hear is accurate. That we see reality.

If I asked you if you can see how it is, you would say that of course you do.

Your results argue with your assertion: most of the time you have no idea what is going on. Your eyes, your ears, your mind mislead you.

T Harv Eker, millionaire money teacher was a bumbling serial failure until a millionaire friend of his father could not watch his idiotic moves any more, and took him under his wings.

His training began with this famous words: “When things are not working, there is something that you don’t know.”

I have students who want to grow, make more money, get happier, find a path that they’ll enjoy being on, lead their children to a happier path, get well… all kinds of goals and directions.

None of them has ever asked me: what is it I don’t know, that makes things not working?

None of them. Not even one.

My whole methodology is built upon those famous words… “When things are not working, there is something that you don’t know.”

More often than not, the truth is that “When things are not working, there is something you know that just isn’t so.”

The path of strait (narrow) and narrow.

Everything that is outside of the strait and narrow is part of what you know but just isn’t so.

One could say that the Playground method is methodology to reveal what you know that just isn’t so. This is why it is so effective.

With the removal of every false knowledge your life, your results, your mood, your health, your relationships, and your money improves.

The fastest way to improvement, bar none.

Removing the offending piece makes more difference than adding something to “fix” it.

One of our live-in maids once put too much salt into the food… and tried to correct it with sugar.

That is you… That is your behavior in life.

More, better, different… and ultimately a complicated life with no better results.

No one considers that what they know, what they are sure of, isn’t so.

One of the examples that came up yesterday in the Playground session is the water energizer.

What can be assumed to be so in your system?

1. that the water you use can be energized
2. that the audio is playing
3. that the energetic environment is friendly to Source energy.

Not many moving parts. But there are three ways you can assume and be sure that you know.

This “I know” is the age-appropriate behavior of a three-year-old who insists that they know how to do everything. And you (and most of humanity) got stuck at that age-appropriate behavior for a three-year old… and you may be 70 years old. Or 40. Or 22.

The most common cause of the water not energizing is that the audio is not playing. You hear noise from the headphones, but it’s the radio that is playing. I wish I had picked the type of headphones that don’t have a radio… but I won’t cry over spilled milk… this may be a godsend.

The method to check if the right audio is playing is to turn off and turn on the headphones, manually, and look at the small blue display. It will show the name of the file that is playing, or the audio channel… if the audio is playing.

Your job is to make sure that the energizer audio file or the water energizer audio file is playing, depending which one you have. Simple.

But you need to get your information from reality, not your head…

One of my students turned off and turned on the headphones, as I suggested, but NEVER actually checked the display. He KNEW it was the right audio playing… but the water didn’t get energized… the radio doesn’t energize water.

This is why I suggested bringing beginner’s mind to life.

A beginner knows that they don’t know anything. So they actually look. Once, twice… and then they know everything. Everything about everything… wrongly.

You know what words mean about you. You know what your spouse meant when she said that you have no empathy. You know what she meant when she said that you didn’t take out the garbage and you should have.

You know everything… wrongly.

And therefore you never double check it, you never look twice, you never doubt your truth… instead you take classes on everything, you read every article, you read all the memes, hoping that you can find the missing piece of the puzzle, so you can live in peace, become productive, happy ever after.

Because you are already smart enough… lol.


  1. As I am looking to find some good pictures to illustrate this article, I am finding that people have NO IDEA what it is, or what it would look like to be smarter. So they don’t even go there.
  1. And almost all the articles listed in google say: you can get smarter with work… and when I look at the articles, they miss the most important piece… the piece I am talking about.
  2. It’s not an accident. Really smart people don’t write articles… they use their smarts for something useful, like creating a great life, creating a company, creating exquisite relationships. They don’t need to talk to the ignorant masses to show how smart they are… I would laugh if this were funny.

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