Will I refuse to sell The Sight capacity to you?

Sophie Benshitta Maven
6 min readJul 13, 2020


Life cannot change unless what you see changes. And what you see won’t change unless you have The Sight capacity.

Here is an interesting illustration: Warren Buffet started out trading in tiny stocks. Until his new friend then partner, Charlie Munger suggested that the risk is the same with bigger stocks, he never traded bigger stocks.

But it was Charlie Munger who saw that. Charlie Munger has The Sight capacity open.

Warren Buffet doesn’t have The Sight capacity open.

When you look at his life, now it makes sense why he never changed his lifestyle, even though he could. In his view, in his world, nothing changed. He is the same penny stock guy he ever was. Doing different doesn’t change what you see, only seeing different, with The Sight capacity does.

Same with Sam Walton. He didn’t have The Sight capacity open.

So you can do big things, good things without The Sight capacity.

But if your track record doesn’t show it, then you probably won’t.

Those two guys, Warren Buffet and Sam Walton didn’t see themselves the way you see them. How do I know? They worked their butts off… do you? They studied, observed, learned from the best… do you?

They started small and grew it. Consistently. Nothing dramatic. Just more of the same.

Stacking up good, like a staircase.

Most people don’t do anything well, anything completely, thoroughly, before they jump to the next thing or give up. For these people, the overwhelming majority of humanity, a complete overhaul of the self is required if they want to become achievers, producers, worth a damn.

And the self won’t change until you see different. Not that someone shows you different…

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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