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Your IQ and your seeing clearly. How much you see and how clearly, how accurately

In an article earlier this week I mention that highly successful people don’t get pulled out of their game as often and as readily as you do.

When we look what is the difference, we find that they have a higher IQ.

IQ is the number that approximate how much you can do with what you have.

With higher IQ they see clearer, they can tell apart different things, they can see narrowly and widely.

You have the IQ you have. You’ve had, most likely, the same IQ since you were born… so your inability to see, to see clearly, to tell different things apart has created a mind full of untruth.

To some degree your IQ and your clarity manifest themselves (become easy to notice, become obvious or noticeable) in your speaking. Clarity of speaking, the accuracy with which you choose words and expressions, more often than not show to what degree you see clearly, and thus your IQ. I measure this in your clarity score in the Starting Point measurements.

Your IQ is what your IQ is… and that defines your base clarity. It defines what you can do with what you got upstairs.

You can increase your clarity without the need to first increasing your IQ by hunting for what you assume to be true and just isn’t so… You’ll need help!

Every single person comes with a baggage of wrong knowledge. Genius, normal IQ level, or idiot. And every single person can improve.

The path to improvement is removal of wrong knowledge.

So what do you need to remove wrong knowledge?

  • You do need an attitude that thinking you know everything doesn’t make you smart. That the real smart people always question what they know, and real stupid people never question what they think they know.

This attitude is the first step. Without it there is no effective second step.

  • The second step is to learn what questions would drive out the truth: that what you know isn’t how it is…

In the Playground we learn one question that allows you, after mastering it, to eliminate a full 10% of all wrong knowledge, the exact 10% that is most likely at the root of why you don’t have what you want. The fundamental untruths, assumptions, wrong knowledge that make you miserable and a failure in most things you attempt to attain.

When you master the skill it takes to ask and accurately answer that one question, your effective IQ, your ability to do well in life grows 50%.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Here is an email I received this morning. It talks about the difference between right knowledge and wrong knowledge in the area of money.

Yes, money.

Here it goes:

“I was just working on a chapter in my upcoming book, and this chapter was all about how to make money, which a lot of people ask me about.

“One of my first mentors, said, “Before you can fix where you are, you have to understand how you got to where you were.”… Meaning what false knowledge, assumptions, that were guiding you to get to where you are… wherever it is, good, bad, or indifferent.

“So when I was broke, before I could learn how to make money, I had to ask myself why I was in that position to start with. I think part of it was that schools don’t even teach you the basic principles of money… and neither do your parents, because they don’t know themselves.

“I’ve asked tens of thousands of people at events I spoke at, “What is money in life? Tell me in 3 words or less.”

“People give me all different answers and it took me years to find the real answer.

Control scarce, in-demand resources.

“Until you really understand what that means, it’s hard to make real money in life.

“So when you think about why teachers get paid less than a professional basketball player, even if all they are doing is putting a ball in a hoop, you’ve got to think about the question, “What’s more rare?”

“But it can’t just be scarce or rare, it also has to be in-demand. For example, if you know how to do underwater basket-weaving, that’s scarce, but nobody really cares about that.

“But, for sports… 700 million people watched the World Cup, so if you know how to kick a ball in a goal like Messi or Ronaldo, then you have a scarce, in-demand skill that can net you a $50 million dollar contract.

“So what you have to do in life is

build more scarce, in-demand skills to increase your value and make more “money”.

“You can find these skills anywhere. I teach people in my courses how to market, how to build their social media, how to build a personal brand, how to make money in real estate, and a ton of other skills. Each skill you get is like a tool in your tool belt that will make you more money.

“What skills are you actively learning that will make you more money?

“Let me know.”

One of the rare, scarce resources is clarity… You don’t have it, and most everyone else don’t have it.

So learning, mastering it in the Playground is an excellent foundation for a skillset that is rare, scarce and in demand.

  • One of my students practices the Idea Machine every day. A rare and in demand skill.
  • Another student is identifying patterns in music, in lyrics, in behavior… a rare and in demand skill.
  • I am practicing becoming invulnerable… a skill that is very rare and maybe, coupled with other things, is in demand.

Often it is the combination of skills that will take you to the top. The component skills may be commonplace, but the combination can be rare and in demand.

I know a guy who is an excellent email writer… but what makes him rare and in demand is that he formulated templates that can make anyone write great emails in the right sequence: very in demand.

I know a guy who can market anything, but he has a question, a pointer that he mastered that makes him rare and in demand… and surprisingly difficult to knock off.

So yeah… You can use the Playground as foundational skill for any rare and in-demand skill set.

If you are willing to put in the work.

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