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3 min readDec 20, 2023

In the past few years I raised my available and useful IQ 75 points.

What did I do?

Listen up! Whoever you are, wherever you start, you can do it too!

When I muscletest people I find a marked difference between their innate IQ and their available IQ. Sometimes as much as 60 points.

  • Available IQ is what produces the results that you want.
  • Innate IQ may be the highest you can raise your available IQ.

The gap, the discrepancy between the two numbers is due — 100% — to your ability, in the moment, to be 100% present.

IQ tests test the available IQ.

Being present means to be exactly where you are at, looking at and SEEING what you are looking at, instead of what you’d habitually do: think of something else.

It does take a lot of training to be able to consistently be present, but it’s worth the time, worth the effort.

In my programs it is the Drink your Food challenge where people do that training. Self-training. Not many do it, I admit. Either people think they are smart enough, or people don’t want to practice anything.

But until and unless you even experience being present, the gap between your two intelligences will hold you back in life… because you’ll be stupid while you think you are smart.

I am already seeing a marked difference in people who have been willing to hang in there and do the training day in and day out, for long enough, that it is now approaching a habit.

That 75 point increase has taken me about two years of constant practice. That raised my available IQ to the height of genius.

Will you become a genius? Maybe not. But you’ll be the best you can be… I was born into a genius family… and my father was like I am… laser sharp focus, nothing took him off. My mother was potentially also a genius, but you could see that she was rarely present: her eyes went around, sometimes rolled back into her head. So her available IQ was only 100.

It is hard to be happy when you don’t fill your potential, and my mother surely wasn’t.

In the drink your food challenge you get the hang of being present… and with enough practice you’ll be as smart as you are meant to be.

Join the Drink your Food Challenge

It cost a total of $5.

Don’t let the low cost tell you what it’s worth. It is worth as much as the difference between your innate and useful IQ now… potentially millions of bucks. Potentially. Or your happiness. Or loving yourself. Finally getting out of the ditch. Understanding what’s going on. Instead of misunderstanding.

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