1. If you think you are on the top of the third floor, for example, you’ll want to go higher, or bask in the glory of being on the third floor.

2. Your actions will be delusional. You’ll do things that don’t work, or don’t produce the results you expected them to produce.

I have heard it said that what irks you about other people most is what you don’t see about yourself. Knowing that saying is one thing, but seeing that you have the ugliness that you hate in the other… now, that is not easy to see.

I saw it. A character I HAAAATED! was grabbing and holding and not letting go of something she didn’t even want.

My job is to let go of MY stuff, so I can be free.

Where I am at now is an ess… evolutionary stable strategy… But to go to my next level, I need to let go of the ess… throw a monkey wrench, create mayhem and havoc…



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