You never know where your learning will come from

Sophie Benshitta Maven
8 min readDec 24, 2019

You never know where your learning will come from… bits and pieces

I put all the cash I had at hand, $25, in an envelope yesterday and wrote on it: to Frank the mailman. Today I found a Christmas card, the only one I got, from Frank the mailman, saying “Thank you for the gift.”

I cried. I am still crying. Big learning here… even though I don’t know what it is… Hopefully by the end of the article I will.


I just spent a few hours listening to really smart behavioral economists,

At the end, when they thought the microphone was already off, the interviewer and the interviewee said: “we should do this every day, we could get good at it.”


Then I watched the movie Two Popes… cried a lot. Identified with the two Catholic priests… surprised myself with that.

“Perhaps I need spiritual hearing aid”, said the pope in the movie “Two popes” because it is harder for a pope to hear what god says than for a simple person. I have compassion for him.

Then he said: “We all suffer from spiritual pride. You must remember: you are not god. We live in god but we are not of it. We are only human.”

You never know how you can get to where you lost it, where life stopped working, and where it became the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death.


It’s 6 am, and I slept in. and the last dream took me there.

It took me to the dream I lost a few days ago, because I thought I would not forget, but I did.

Yesterday’s movie helped. The two old men, both at the top of their career, both had buried shame, grief, that without getting to it they were going to be still unhappy.

And, in my humble opinion, they didn’t resolve it, but they did get to it.

In the Playground we endeavor to get to the absolutely unbearable to look at spot, and declare hitting bottom.

Instead of putting on your game face, be brave, and play on, you declare hitting bottom. This week we will take a look at the horror that sidetracked your life, and see if we can kick off off the bottom…



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