• the first is what you prefer, and it’s your downfall… Definition. It’s hard, and it is like trying to fly to Hungary from New York with a flight plan that is your definition style… you’ll probably never get there.
  • And this leads to the second approach: distinguishing.

Why? Happy people don’t go to church, happy people don’t shop till they drop.

The reason your clarity in life is on the level of foggy is that you want to define things by saying what they are… by the yes.

You’ll never get to accuracy and clarity that way.

It said, I say it in a language you can, hopefully, get: that if you know what you are looking at, by virtue of recognition, it isn’t a possibility.

  • You know what love is by virtue of recognition… but it isn’t love at all.
  • You know what freedom, liberty, justice is by virtue of recognition… but it is none of that.
  • You know truth, reality by virtue of recognition… but it is not truth and it is not reality.

But you don’t know, and probably won’t know, even after reading this article, what could take you to clarity… because the “yes” approach to life is so hammered into you, you can’t hear anything else.

  • I see that is what you are doing when I ask you to do the “color exercise”
  • I see that is what you are doing when I ask you to hear the voices and hear that they are not you. Hear the memes, and hear that you didn’t say that.
  • Hear your story and hear that it never happened.
  • I see that is what you are doing when I ask you to become a value recognizer… you think you know what I am talking about.

Some old book, probably the bible talks about the strait and narrow.

You can define yourself, the strait that is you, by defining what you are not, what you don’t like, what you don’t want, what you abhor, disagree with.

Need a workshop to clarify the method?

— — — — -
And here is the kind of “information” mainstream is filling your head with:

1. Your perspective on yourself is distorted. 1

2. Your motives are often a complete mystery to you.

3. Outward appearances tell people a lot about you.

4. Gaining some distance can help you know yourself better.

5. We too often think we are better at something than we are.

6. People who tear themselves down experience setbacks more frequently.

7. You deceive yourself without realizing it.

8. The “true self” is good for you.

9. Insecure people tend to behave more morally.

10. If you think of yourself as flexible, you will do much better.


  1. Here is a great marketing article about it… on how to sell your stuff.



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