This article is stream of consciousness… I apologize for that. Principles ((prin·ci·ple ?prins?p?l/ noun plural noun: principles 1. a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. “the basic principles of Christianity” synonyms: truth, proposition, concept, idea, theory, assumption, fundamental, essential, ground rule “elementary principles” a rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior. “struggling to be true to their own principles” synonyms: morals, morality, (code of) ethics, beliefs, ideals, standards; More integrity, uprightness, righteousness, virtue, probity, (sense of) honor, decency, conscience, scruples “a woman of principle” morally correct behavior and attitudes. “a man of principle” synonyms: morals, morality, (code of) ethics, beliefs, ideals, standards; More integrity, uprightness, righteousness, virtue, probity, (sense of) honor, decency, conscience, scruples “a woman of principle” a general scientific theorem or law that has numerous special applications across a wide field. a natural law forming the basis for the construction or working of a machine. “these machines all operate on the same general principle” 2. a fundamental source or basis of something. “the first principle of all things was water”)) are tricky. Depending on your level of vibration, on the size of your cone of vision, on the number and size of patterns you can see, you’ll translate the principle down to your size. A principle says something to me, and another thing to you.

And yet, being guided by principles, your results in life will be happier than if you choose to live your life from vague longings, goals, or following how the ones went before you lived their lives. But expecting that a principle will mean the same thing to you as it means to me is naive… I am about to overcome my naivete… Here is a principle I read a long time ago in the 7 habits of successful people: Begin with the end in mind. Words are tricky… do we know what habits are, what successful people are? No, we have our own interpretation stand in for the words, and we may be miles away from how the author meant it. If this weren’t so, there would not be volumes upon volumes of interpretation on the “word”… Every rabbi worth their salt in every age had their own things to say… The 67 steps program takes you through about 100 principles that have passed the muster of the ages… Tai Lopez is doing the “interpretation”… consider him a rabbi worth his salt. Is he? If you listen carefully, you can hear, and like or dislike his own world, the size of his own cone of vision, the number and size of patterns than he can see accurately… He is mostly about making it in business… which is a narrow cone of vision, and attention only on some patterns… but the principles are there for you to see and apply, see them working in your life, model your life after them.

If you watch someone long enough, they will let you know what is the end they had in mind that informs their every action.

I am watching teachers do it, and I find some attraction in that, except that when you are a tourist, you need to be strong, and resilient, and able to walk, or you won’t enjoy traveling, you won’t enjoy the cultures you immerse yourself in. When I thought this over, it was clear that I was better off dead… unless I get mobile, unless I get my energy support me, unless I start to enjoy being up, being in movement, getting around… All hows, not whats. For the first year I did things that didn’t make any difference. Then almost a year ago I started to do things that, slowly but surely started to make moving, getting around, life, enjoyable.

I don’t want to live for the sake of being barely alive. I want to live a full life of a full person: putting life into my years.

  • Why do you want to raise your vibration?
  • Why do you want to raise your health and hydration number?
  • Why do you want to have more spiritual capacities in your tool box?

What is the end game that you are going for?

Unless you are inspired by the end game, your steps will be misdirected.

I also bought the novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain… I read it as a child and I saw genius. There is an incident of a full solar eclipse in the story… In the upcoming solar eclipse, I want to be able to see what people hope for, what people want. In my conversation with my Sunday friend, I found out that people excited about the solar eclipse they want change. They want to be given change. They are neither able nor thinking earning what they want… the end they have in mind is being given. Change. Mostly money. And a sense of living in the best country in the world. By god, by Trump, by anyone. Can anyone give you that? I don’t think so. If it is to be, it is up to you… but that is not the principle these people live by, the people who elected Trump hoping for change… and they now wait for the solar eclipse, that last happened in 1777… Their magical thinking is that god or whatever will give them the sense of a great people… While they sit on their hands. Where are you standing in the matter of your life? Are you reading books on how to be a genius, or are you waiting for someone to become a genius and give you what you want? Read the rest at

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